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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages!

Please, allow me to introduce you to a new member of the TaleWorlds team, Duh_TaleWorlds. Many of you will already know Duh from his community work here on the forums as a moderator, and for his contributions to the modding community as a member of the Floris mod team. Duh will be working alongside our community volunteer team and myself to help set up our new forums (which still don't have a release date... no surprise there eh!), as well as, preparing documentation for our modding tools, before eventually switching to a development-focused role. Don't panic though, I am sure he will still be an active forumite after he makes the switch!

I would also like to take this opportunity to belatedly welcome Mehmet Arda (M.ArdA_TaleWorlds) Gündüz to our community team. Arda is a long time community member who was invited to join the company after a successful internship here at TaleWorlds. Arda is our first (and hopefully not the last!) team member that is dedicated entirely to user support. You have most likely seen him offering help here on the forums already, and if you sent us a support mail in the past few months then hopefully he managed to fix the issue for you!

We are confident that these additions to our team will help to foster a closer relationship between the community and our company in the coming months, and will hopefully serve as a solid foundation for us to build on for Bannerlord.
Now we have a real insider  :party:

Floris is my favorite mod. Congrats! :party:
I hope you can bring your awareness of player quality of life to Bannerlord. Yes I know they’ve already shown implementation of many QoL improvements, but a new set of quality eyes is great!
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