New sturgian armor from existing assets for footmen

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As we know Sturgia was mainly created from two groups of people, Nordics from Nordlands and local tribes of Sturgians. This is even visible in armor and clothing available for troops and players to equip, i identified two groups of armors that are visually cohesive and are growing steadily more armored with each iteration. Lets start with what i called the "sturgian armor tree":


As we can see it starts with a simple tunic and it quickly divides into two branches, lamellar one and mailed one each having more protective version. Branches get united with a combination of basic variants of each paths and finally tree ends with best of both worlds. Its simple and satisfying, the only thing worth mentioning is that for whatever reason simpler pure lamellar variants are much more ornate, decorated with alternating silver and gold, compared to more humbler steel lamellars used by best armors. Personally i think that swapping those lamellars between versions would look better and making alternate versions would be even better but that is not the topic of this thread, lets go to the "nordic armor tree".


We start in the same way as earlier with tunic, nordic tree differentiates itself by introducing padded variation besides pure lamellar. While padded armor becomes longer, lamellar version besides slight model changes and looking slightly more shiny still seems to be made from leather, apparently its now made from bronze since its called "Bronze scale vest" and weird look is just a poor texture choice (and name choice, it obviously lamellar not scale). Now like earlier we are combining previous branches into lamellar vest over padded armor (with a visual variant that finally looks like it was made from bronze) and mailed version is finally introduced, the end. Doesnt it feels like we missed something, like a final logical conclusion to that whole visual growth? Well i think so, because of that i did this little screenshot edit in Gimp (please ignore the double belts):


I believe that this combination would work best for units like Sturgian Heavy Axemen, Sea Raider Boss, Skolder Veteran or some Sturgian nobles, this would give more visual variety to Sturgia and of course would be decent option for players who like playing as pure vikings but want to be more armored than just hauberk.

And yeah, that is quite a longwinded way to say that this armor combination would look cool, hah!
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