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this glitch is for the new update here is a picture


its 1.126 if anyone can help me please do :sad:


when i try to play cRPG that appear  Unable to open file: Module\cRPG_1127\Resource\bom someone can help me?

Quand j'essaie de rentrere dans mount&blade cRPG sa ecrit  Unable to open file: Module\cRPG_1127\Resource\bombe.brf quelqun peut m'aider?


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Martins, this thread is not for reporting bugs, it is an explanation of the bugtracker (for which there is a link in the first post of the thread). Besides, your problem is with a particular mod, the cRPG mod, and so you should post your query in the cRPG mod subforum.

Sir Argont

my warband ceeps crashing when I enter a town (castle, village.....), when I kill somebody and when I get new quest, even when I am online with Steam.

If anybody can help me with this write back or send me a message on Steam (Acountname: Charles Tucker)

Thank you for your help.


Hey, everytime i finish a battle the upgrade units pages jams the pc but i can still click around and hear the noises, just the screen stays the same. What do I do?


Helooooooooo!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

I have a problem with all new patches from patch 1.125 to 1.127!!!
every time i start the game the game launches but then suddenly it stops and shows a message ( mbwarband.exe stopped responding!!!) :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Can anyone help me please???? :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:


I had an error  :sad:
Sometimes, in battle, when soldiers attacking enemy (In charge order), I ordered them to use blunt weapons (For prisoners), the game is broken, and leaking out of the screen. Also, do not notice anything else.
Please, tell me why?
Anyone else encountered this error yet?

Apologize for my vocabulary :grin:

moon knight

Ok, when i gave my companien Bodoc (cant spell his name correct) to one of the lords he switcht side and i faiuld the quest and i cant get him back :cry: . any tips ???

Lord Burgess1

This is the wrong thread, try looking around, and as a last resort, make a new thread.


Sir Argont said:
my warband ceeps crashing when I enter a town (castle, village.....)
same here

I can enter training camps and villages, but when I try to get into a town, the game crashes. This occured after several hours of gaming and without any reason...

any solution to this?
Eh... When i helped Isolla of suno or whatever her name is reclaim swadia, i made my own faction and took a town from her. After that everyone in swadia still talked about they not wanna rennounce their oath to king harlaus -.- And sometimes if i start a campaign to capture a castle then if someone attacks me then no one helps me... even if they are all beside me. And if i die in combat i get captured as prisoner even if my friends have soldiers left... i lost my plate armor and that sucked...


Yes i had warband trial installed in my pc a while now and i bought a boxed copy of the game for the activiation code but it keeps on saying activation denied. i tried doing manual activation but i kept on getting the same message plz help!!!


Please mount and blade warband I have not seen any such reports, or the map or in battle ... nose is a bugg and how to fix it, if anyone knows about the subject I know. thanks... i dont speak english, sorry


Hi ive been playing mount & blade and warband on this computer for some 2 years now . Had alott of great experiences and even managed to stay clear of fire and sword . (adds muskets .. lol? ) My problem is this . I suddenly cant join multiplayer games . When i do the game instantly goes into "error mode " and windows wants to send message etc blah blah . What on earth have i done :S ive never experienced this error before  .
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