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Logging in with no problems no server errors or anything here...for images if you add a link it will automatically hyper link it. That's how I've done it and I don't think there is another way.
amade said:
battlefiend1012 said:
Logging in with no problems no server errors or anything here...for images if you add a link it will automatically hyper link it. That's how I've done it and I don't think there is another way.

Somebody else managed to embed an image, so there is a way... I just wish I knew how.
Use HTML. BBCodes wont work.


I bought mounts and blades and i been playing it a long time and then i resive the notice of the new warband expancion beta and i was realy excited about trying it i`ve already download the installer and the game is installed but when i try to activate but when i enter the serial key it says "Activation denied", ¿what can i do? i have 3 computers in my house and i already activated in one of those but i cant in the othèr ones, FAQ in the instalation saids that thats is posivel


I cant start warband
First it starts normaly and dowload textures until this


unable to opne texture file Textures/building_details_5.dds

reinstalling it doesn't help


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hi, i have a problem staying on a server i crashed to desktop 5 times in a row.

here is a screen shot (hope i will insert image properly ... sorry for being a forum newbie)



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LOL... that is an awesome Desktop screen above by the way.  :wink:

Are there any Windows 7 issues that have been posted?  Everything is fine until you join a server and the screen goes black, but you can still hear the sounds of other people in game. So audio is working but no visual.. can anyone offer some assistance?



I cant log in it seems but what i found i dont know how to report as a bug anyway.

I keep getting a message sying count duro or what ever his name is wants to talk to me about something, but hes the marshal im following at the moment so i cant start anothre quest with him till thats finnished and its spamming me this message every minute.


Also, as I can't access the bugtracker, I'll put them here. (I'm afraid I also don't know what kind of specs you need me to list, I'll just put basics: playing v1.105 on Windows XP.)

- When answering a summons from a lady you are courting, you don't immediately receive the Relation bonus for visiting her if you have something to tell her (such as that you've defeated one of her suitors in a duel). Only by exiting the conversation and then starting a second conversation do you get the Relation bonus for successfully visiting her.
- When asking the brother of a Lady I am courting "What would it take to cement a lasting alliance with your house," he responds by saying "Alas, no one in my family is eligible to wed."
- I visited a wretchedly poor and miserable village, where "draft animals have long since starved or been eaten," yet they can sell me all the cattle I want, and fairly cheaply (145 denars each), too.
- When talking to a friendly Lord, I ask him what he thinks of King Harlaus. He tells me his opinion, and I am given an option which reads, "Well, I have something to tell you." When he asks me what it is, I simply say, "Never mind [no period]" and return to the previous conversation.
- I asked Count Stamar "What it would take to cement a lasting alliance with your house," and he responded, "...in fact, we have been looking for a suitable groom for my sister, Lady Enricata." To which I can respond, "May I once again suggest that I be considered as a groom?" - this even though I've never before suggested it, and have never met her before.

...will edit this post as I find more.



If i make an own empire, and destroy a faction, the last city's defender (lord's and the king) is spawning nowhere!


Hi, interesting glitch,

i have not less than 6 party members on gather intel and two on right to rule quests, theyre all on 0 days and expected back, its been that way for over a week...

any ideas?


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Daegoth, please, could you put here link where these beta patches 1.12 and eventually 1.121 could de downloaded? I somehow aren't able to find them anywhere.  I am playing with patch 1.12 and it work quite well so far, so for me it is better to use them than to be shut out from game by this runtime C++ error.  And could you please to inform us at least estimately when new official patch will be issued? I am really loaning to play out the  game to the end and win it at least once. :wink:
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