New Siege change is not Good!

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After playing in the new 1.1.3 Sieges are not the same, The garrisons are basically useless as im seeing the best of cities from the Start get taken out, Within the first 4 days Vlandia takes out Maranauth with 500 defenders vs 700 man army, Today i seen the north with 1100 troops start sieging a 300 man castle, the sturgians with 1900 come to help defend and get elimated almost instantly. the north with 1100 took a 300 man castle on top of killing 1900 sturgians. The north had around 950 remaining plus some injured, I dont know what TW changed but this isnt it.
I agree. Basically, from what I have seen militia troops are worse than recruits since the last update. If I am besieging a castle where I starved out the garrison, I can take out a militia of 300 troops with a total loss to my army of maybe 10 troops.
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