New PW server in need of dev help

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Howdy folks, im Sany, or Nich. Im here because i recently got a sever for persistent world and i need a dev to help with it. I currently haven o clue how to use admin commands or any such thing on this server as it is and ftp confuses the fuzz outa me. so i need a dev. this server is for my clan, and i have my own teamspeak in which you can work and what not. thanks for listenin!
Hey there,

You do not need a dev for this.
Ask someone who has already been admin in the past, he'll help you with admin commands, even if you can experiment with a friend.
By following this link, you'll be able to follow a tutorial I made with FileZilla concerning the FTP server.

Good luck.
Problem being i dont know and former admins, and have no knowledge of running a m&b server in general
Why didn't you spend some time admining on any other popular server to get the hang of it?

Don't get me wrong but the market is flooded with bad, and less bad servers right now so what makes you think you'll stand out with no experience? You can try of course, but why waste effort when you could gain experience first.
Yeah, come on and flag down one of us, I'll teach you how to deal with maps and ftp and all that stuff.

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