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Austro said:
I just wanted to thank Gabby in his own forum section for letting us use his resources from 1755 , 1776  mod for our Persistent World mod. For anyone who has played Gabbys mod your in for a real treat with our upcoming mod :smile:

Yes.... :oops:
I did not mention this new project in which Austro and Qww involved me in, cuz they wanted to keep it a surprise, until things would get more sure.

This will be a great idea and finally also Indians will be in a PW Mod.  :mrgreen:

KEEP AN EYE ON IT!!!  :razz:,256042.0.html

I will not be able to help in the future much, having my previous Mods to still progress, but of course, the massive amount of things that are in my 3 mods is already a huge start for this project !!!  :cool:

....and we finally get the full list of the many people that will contribute and help!
So many great modders and artists!!!

.....forgot to add my name though!  :shock:  :shock:

PS. as agreed, none of the things that I got special permission from 1866 are usable though, unless the devs of that mod will agree.
All things from my Mods that we will use in this project, will not be OSP, anyway.


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Please be aware of what I mentioned here:

Austro said:
~ A Huge thanks to Gabrilduro for letting us use the much needed resources from 1755 mod and 1776 mod 
All resources from  GABRILDURO'S mods are only for use for Persistent Frontier.
They are all mixed in the Resources but they are NOT for OSP use. If anybody wants to use his resources for other mods, will need his personal PERMISSION.
Thanks for adding this and best luck for this project.
It already looks good, I just hope that it will always be possible to put up personal LANs in order to play even with few friends and not only on the NET.

To the many people that are sending me posts about having permission on using things from my Mods, to make a Mod like this or else, I please ask to stop demanding so much.

For a while I will suspend some permissions and see how some new projects, including this one, will go.

I don t want to see many projects all the same or similar, competing and fighting on the Forum.

Once again good luck and thx for crediting!  :wink:


Thx for understanding and good work to all Modders and Friends.
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