New perk or gameplay mechanic idea for horses, character alignment

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I would like to see a perk added to something like two hand, polearm, riding or tactics that taking down cavalrymen without doing more than 20% of their mount's total hit points in damage to it gives you a chance to obtain that mount in a victory, with a higher chance with highest tier mounts. This creates a risk reward scenario where you can try to maximize your gains by more carefully attacking your foe but can also handcuff you if you want to, for instance, get a chance to obtain a faction leaders' high priced mount. Its the incentive to give players a means of challenging themselves more. Would be really nice if it was opposite something like beastslayer, maybe? Or adding a trait for not killing more than 1 mount a year or something that gives some bonuses to your mounted troops and charm?
Expanding on this a little bit beyond the horses, for personal reasons I would really like to see an avenue open where you can role play as a good person in the game and have it actually reflect on your character. Other things like feeding stray animals/paying for them to be taken care of, protecting a religious pilgrimage group from bandits, destroying slaver operations, building almshouses, quarantine shelters, hospitals and education centers in your cities, other "heroic" actions. This would be the inverse of being a raider that burns down villages to get access to their best troops and gold, where you have a reputation that makes high tier troops seek you out and ask to join your party(provided you pay the wage) so they can take part in your legendary tale. Maybe having caravan companions spreading the word of your good deeds could pump this up. And for instance when you break away to start a new Kingdom, if your old kingdom declares war on you they suffer a security penalty because you're just so popular with the common man.
I know this could be something for way down the road especially with all the additional content added but I really enjoy the idea of NOT playing to the lowest common denominator-- actually playing the chivalrous knight and being beloved for it.
Just ideas to think about and iterate on.
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