New module system, new update and Steam Trading Cards.

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Hi everyone,

Today, along with the new update, we're also releasing the updated module system we've talked about in this post, with the detailed guide for modders with everything they should know about it. This module system is more refined than the original Warband's and includes a number of important improvements that will make creating mods considerably easier.

Here's an excerpt from the guide's introduction:

Why we created this system? As you should know, typical Warband module consists several entities – triggers, scripts, troops, items, dialogs, presentations, etc. Because each of those entities are simply Python array consisting from several other arrays, it is very inconvenient to make or track changes in those files. In general, it leads to lot of mistakes and clutters code flow, because not only you have to find function you need in a file which contains more than 100,000 lines, but also you should write you code as an array. This significantly slows down development. Also it is almost impossible to develop module using several programmers/designers and any version control system because all the changes are made to single file it is impossible to apply changes simultaneously even if you are working with different scripts, for example.

Because we have experience developing several tools we decided to simplify existing system by splitting most important entities into their logical elements – for example, every script can be in its own file or menus can have shared triggers without need to copying code thus reducing copy/paste behavior. Also it is possible to simply add your own functions to existing module without the need to modify module itself thus giving abilities to create libraries which can be shared between different modules. And of course it makes possible to use version control systems – SVN or Git for example.

As a bonus, today we also released Steam Trading Cards. If that's not saying anything to you, keep in mind — you can sell them. Now, to the update:

Update notes 2.020:


- Added new mission “Killer Nun” (available from “Suspicious man”).
- Changed locations “Mansion” and “Brothel”.
- Added new animations for hookers.
- Improved global map’s texture.


- Improved additional options for escaping from slavery: your character can be freed, if he’s imprisoned in one of his own faction’s plantations/mines, or if he’s the owner himself. Besides, the player can be set free, if the owner of a plantation/mine is a governor that belongs to the faction allied with the player.
- Balance changes for bows in multiplayer.


- Bugs in diplomatic options available through “Secretary”.
- Bug that caused ships taking names of characters or troops.
- Bugs related to smuggling — now you shouldn’t have trouble fighting off customs officials (in case you’re still having problems, please let us know).

Module system:

- Opened sources for the module system (located at Steam\steamapps\common\Blood & Gold Caribbean!\
- Added 40-page guide for working on mods for the game — located in main directory.

Have a nice weekend!


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Maybe you can start a mapcontest :razz: where the community can send you maps and the best 3 maps who are nice to play,good balanced(fair flagspawns or fair attack/defendchance for siege) have nothing bugs or glitches can be go to official multiplayer maps. I think it will be a win-win situation: Your Community will be happy because they can really do something for the game, proud modders and 3 more maps for the multiplayer for you!

greetings SuperPauko :grin:


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Today we'll be releasing a bunch of fixes following the previous update. Game version won't be changed.

Update notes:


- Many errors in the boarding system logic — now parties are calculated more correctly.
- Situation with the overload of prisoners freed after boarding fights.
- Logical error with customs officials of an allied faction blocking a fight and the game as a result.
- Bug that caused ships to duplicate their names.
- Error in Russian localization causing players to surrender instead of taking a fight.
- Incorrect equipment for runaway slaves.
- Buildings being removed after retiring the town's clerk.
- Errors in the chain of production.
- AI behavior errors during sieges.


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UPDATE (23.12):

- Fixed ladder using mechanic by AI during sieges.
- Besieged AI now tries to cover from cannon fire behind the walls.
- AI governors are now constructing buildings in their towns.
- Fixed bug causing players to meet their double on plantations.
- Optimization for plantation locations (please let us know if it helped).