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First, I'm from China, I don't speak English, the English part borrowed GG translation, please point out the translation errors. This is a new mod, a secondary development of custom commanders, but it also makes some system changes and writes its own plot.

Chinese name: 奴隶之殇1.111版
English name: Slave's Mourning 1.111
Initial Release:骑砍中文站
Exchange QQ group:517535455(The tentative languages are English and Chinese. Foreigners are welcome to join us to improve our English.)


In the process of your southern expedition and northern expedition, do you feel that you are motivated in the early stage, and you can level A without brains in the later stage, and a bunch of advanced soldiers can attack, and even the operation is omitted, and you can just wait for the result? If your answer is YES, then you must not miss this MOD, because although his author is of average level, he focuses on the optimization of the middle and late game, and even hopes that players can pass the early stage of poverty as soon as possible, and directly run into the later stage. Yes, the game officially starts only after you have captured your first city and have a group of high-level soldiers. The ones in front are all appetizers, and the game really starts when you have your own game behind the city.

In order to attack a city, you need to decide your attack route and distribute your troops. How many teams to send? How many troops were sent? This is all a problem. If you send more troops to attack the city yourself, you will be reduced.

However, this is all because the enemy's castle has multiple gates, all of which need to be surrounded to achieve the effect of a siege. (The food will be broken after 3 days, the main waiting time is too long, it is very boring) The longer the siege time, the lower the difficulty of the siege!

The plot also strives to be exciting. Once you're in the game, your job is to do things for the nobles. There are also siege missions required by the plot behind it, the purpose is to help players have their own city in a short time!

In later stages, I also plan to spend more effort and time on Internal Affairs and get it right, and of course add new weapons and features.

In terms of wild monsters, in addition to adding a small number of low-level wild monsters, the configuration of wild monsters has also been adjusted, and the difficulty has been slightly increased. Of course, some low-level monsters have been added for initial upgrades.

Contents of the second edition

6 new strategies have been added, corresponding to different functions, some are for high-level soldiers, some are for low-level soldiers. Of course, success depends on the wisdom of the generals and the mastery of strategy by the soldiers. ! The guru is the master and belongs to the special function force. Only with him can he use strategy better. The disadvantage is that the level is a bit low!

Join a church, the current functions are mainly learning strategies, and functions such as buying books, and will be updated in the future.

Add nuns to buy books, but whether you can buy them depends on your relationship with the church.

Added 2 knights, the blue dragon knight, the ice dragon knight and the light knight (that is, the protagonist Owen), because I especially liked Langrisser II, these two knights were added to the game. Some other knights should be updated at a later date, but only the knights in Langrisser II will be able to complete the quest.

The Order now has Knights' Fort, but it's not currently in use.

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