NEW MOD: Magic World for 1.011 Updated january 23th

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Download link :

search  #new magic begin  in the source code

fixed bug
about undead


Thanks Max.Pain for translating it.

1. Added 17 kind of magics, you can find out more by talking to Magic Teacher in Zendar.
2. Added potions, you can buy them from Magic Teacher in Zendar.
3. Unique and practical interface.
4. AI can use magics too, every kingdom army has magicians in it, you can recruit them in any way you can.

I would not say in detail, you must find out in game.


1. Sugared up the magic interface.

2. Added magic points, every level of magic increase magic points by 10, you will also get extra points by gaining titles.

3. NPC will also use magic if you equip them with staffs.
4. Added formation system. Press 2 to select infantry, 3 to select archers, 4 to select magicians.
Press X to switch to form formation or dismiss
Press Z to order formation advance by 20 metres
5. Slightly modified magic recovery speed bonus gained by titles and staffs

1. All enemies will join each other nearby battles during encounter.
2. The spells' position is not static in magic selection interface now.
3. Press and hold Ctrl and click + or - button to quickly add or subtract spell profiency.
4. Added a new spell.
5. Improved 3 spells.
  ①Cure: Press ctrl to swap to lay on hand, can cure others.
  ②Added a sound effect for fireball spell.
  ③Summon undead: Press and hold LMB to continuously consume mana, release LMB to summon undead, the quantity and quanlity is decided by mana consumed, at a max of 500 , added corresponding undead troops and equipments.
6. Undead armies are weak when they are spawned, but they will grow stronger as time passes:
  ①Every midnight some undead will upgrade to higher tier, and some low tier undead will join;
  ②Once per two midnight, all prisoners captured by undead army will become low tier undead(except player).
  ③As time passes, the amount of undead armies will increase, at a max of 40.
7. Added 3 mage equipments(NO mana recovery effect).
8. You can buy black armor set in armory now.
9. You can no longer cast spell when your encumbrance is over 20.(No heavy mage anymore)


This is how i downloaded it, dont know if this might help

1: Register with website
2: Click link 2 shown in picture below
3: Should work

hope this helps :]


i also get the same problem, i have 1.011 version. It happens when it finishes the texture during the load up  :???:


ViruS` said:
This is how i downloaded it, dont know if this might help

1: Register with website
2: Click link 2 shown in picture below
3: Should work

hope this helps :]

ok i download it.thx for help :smile:


i download it and when the game start loading i got this error

AppName: mount&blade.exe AppVer: ModName: mount&blade.exe
ModVer: Offset: 00015b72


暗暗, you really should have uploaded a copy to yousendit, I don't think rayfile will be enough to share things aborad now.


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I get a crash to desktop during the initial opening before the main menu.  I get past loading textures, then crash while loading data.  Did not have this issue with the non-translated version from instead of the rayfile link in the first post.  So if you're really itching to play this, you can fall back a version and get a partially translated version working

UnRARing one file at a time, I've discovered that the crash is triggered by the new conversations.txt.  I've been able to take the old file from the mofile download and still get the benefit of the new patches (I can tell because my mana bar is overflowing now, and that's new).  I'll try to go through the conversation file and figure out what's making it flake out.

Edit 2: A problem, maybe not the problem, is in this line:
dlga_magic_talk7:magic_talk8 69631 54  0 'Fireball'?_Sounds_Good.  55  0
Apparently starting a line of dialog with a single quote mark confuses the code.  Take Fireball out of quotation marks and it runs fine so far

Edit 3: for clarity's sake, the line that works for me now reads:
dlga_magic_talk7:magic_talk8 69631 54  0 Fireball?_Sounds_good.  55  0


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Well, that's about the most confusing thing I've seen in a long time.  The conversation with the magic teacher is using the old conversation strings, even after a restart of the computer, when the new strings are in the Magic World conversation.txt.  He still offers to teach me a magic even though the conversations.txt says spell.  :?:
I reinstalled from the download, confirmed that it crashed on startup, removed the single quote, confirmed that it started up fine, but it's not displaying the new translated dialog, just the old stuff.  WTF?


Registering with rayfile is not required, just click on one of the mirrors. Y'know, the cnet-ish download icon thingy?
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