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ok im just pissedoff now
i managed to screw somewhere along the way of the installation,
now it sais (when loading game) that it cannot open moddershair folder that was specificaly created for this mod...
so i turn to main code moduel (module.ini) and i realise that *the line in the code that i was supposed to add something below doesnt exist by that name
Go into module .ini and under "load_resource = materials_face_gen", add "load_mod_resource = moddershairs" (without quotes)
in my code there is a load_moduel_resource = materials_face_gen

tried using that line, doesnt work (cant locate the "moddershair" folder)
tried renaming the line(errasing "moduel" part) dont work

any suggestions? (if anyone visits this thread at all)
Executor-64- said:
ok im just pissedoff now
i managed to screw somewhere along the way of the installation,

So did I.

I installed everything according to the readme and now the game keeps crashing when it boots up.

This is the error message I get when it crashes

"| Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library |
Runtime Error!

Program:...Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\mb_warband.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusualy way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information."
Absolutely. I'll be doing a bunch of hairstyles pretty soon for TVS, and making them OSP (there's a huge lack of OSP hairs).

I'll message you on Steam when they're done. :smile:
Hey, when I installed your mod, I keeped getting an RGL Error.

Game would crash to desktop saying "Unable to find beard mesh: hair_blonde"
Is there a fix? Or was my stupid peasant mind not able to install it properly?
I am not sure why, But the instructions are just slightly to complicated for this old man.I grew up and spent most my youths when a cell phone looked like a big shoe.This stuff is hard fore me.When your instructions say, add numbers to the hairs? what do you mean? I mean no offense, but I am that old dog that has issues with learning new tricks .I need detailed instructions as if you were guiding a kid, but only if it is not to much trouble.I am asking, with the awareness, whoever sees this has a life still.Not every one is up in years yet.Thanks for patience.And help if it comes.
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