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This is an updated version made by Barf. Many thanks to him, really nice work!


-Optimized texture sizes.
-Option to add jewellery using the "beard" slot.
-Age slider re-enabled.
-Mesh frames have been modified a little.

If you want to enable jewellery put skins.txt into your module folder, (may want to backup old one if you are modding the 'native' module.



Installation: Just unzipe the file and put it in any Module you want to play, for example: if you want to use it in Native, just put it in Warband/Modules/Native.
Add below two lines in Module.ini
load_module_resource = materials_face_gen
load_module_resource = meshes_face_gen

Delete below two lines in Module.ini
load_resource = materials_face_gen
load_resource = meshes_face_gen

Enjoy it.

You can download and see more information from here:http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1941


Lueii said:
Advice:  You need to make the texture less bright.
Thanks, maybe I should reduce the specular level.

BTW, since the women NPC in Warband always keep a same pose in talk window, it is hard to get screenshot from other angle.


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Awesome, I love the attention to detail you put into it, and I can see you made the normal map from highpoly *thumbs up*, But I do have some criticisms.

-The textures are all symmetrical.
-1024 size texture is not noticeable in-game.
-Black line between lips is unrealistic (Its probably from too aggressive ambient occlusion).
-The reflection of specular in eyes need to be mirrored (for one eye).

That said, I am already using it and its great.

edit: I notice that womanface_young.dds doesn't suffer from the dark line between lips problem, must have been something that happened after you made that one?.



The faces are much too perfect, we don´t live in a world of plastic doll, uh?
We need some fat, some wrinkles and general uglyness!

It seems to me like the eyes are a bit too big


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faradon said:
The faces are much too perfect, we don´t live in a world of plastic doll, uh?
We need some fat, some wrinkles and general uglyness!

It seems to me like the eyes are a bit too big
So, what you're saying is that these should be in ADDITION to the Native skins, rather than replacing them :p? I'd generally agree, leads to a good mixture. A bit odd to see Katrin looking like a super model.
Just that I'd like to have some of the ladies you can court good looking and harder to win, like in Pirates.


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Was going to suggest the same. I'm like, "Wow, she' s really attractive.....--OH MY GOSH WHAT UGLY HANDS!!" :mrgreen:.

I really do think this should go together with some other skins into a pack, both body and face, into a pack. Making it that some ladies/gentlemen you court are ugly, and some attractive, same for companions (for them, it'd be advisable to specifically give the skins).


CounterPoint391 said:
Awsome work :grin:

You just doing faces, or are you gonna add some new hair styles too?
This is also my wish but I found the game only support one hair texture for all the hair models, this means one texture for all the women and men hair... :sad:It is really impossible to add any pretty hair style using only one texture, so I finally gave up.
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