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New faction, Here we have the opportunity to build villages, castles and cities. Of course, the amount would be limited (smaller amount than other kingdoms. You can already conquer others :wink:
Our clan consisting of parents and sister's brother (here randomness or choice of what they would look like). Along with the other clans (maybe 3 another not so big to) They have come to the lands of Calradia and want to build their own kingdom. Here as a child we see how these villages are built (stages) and after years cities and castles are built. At the beginning, the colony is struggling with bandits, our character has a chance to become the leader of this faction or just support it. Our colonizers, of course, would have similar characteristics to the place of the settlement of the colony and there is some place on the map where a new kingdom could be created :wink: It would be interesting to play the parents so that our main character can be stronger and have own playable story.
The appearance of units, weapons, castles would be important from the choice of the location of the colony, some of your own carefully copied (in this direction) from the nearest kingdom
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