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Hello all! I have been scening for 2 months. So i have basic knowledges of using Warband Scene Editor but i still don't know a plenty of things. I am so poor with AI Meshes and passages. So i would happy if someone will tell me how properly put AI Meshes, especially putting them on the ladder( siege scene) and any algorithms of passages on the walking scenes.

I have been a member of this great community for almost a year and have asked for the millions of the questions and almost always i got proffecional answers (Great thank for Kalarhan and other members). So i decided to share with community with my resources. Now everyone can download my two scenes of Derchios Castle and Jeroia Town. They are still very WiP.

Derchios Castle:
1. Siege Scene with entry points and AI Meshes.
I put AI meshes but they seems don't work!
2. Walking Scene will be added sooner.
3. I didn't create a prison yet because i think there is no need in this ( If you mind that new prison might be - write it below).

Jeroia Town:
1. Most of the Scenes were taken from Kudan town.
2. Siege Scene with entry points( There aren't AI Meshes yet).
3. Walking Scene with entry points( there are passages but they seem don't work properly).

Link for the scenes:

I really ask everyone to teach or give any advices of AI Meshes putting and passages so in future i could realise finished and working SP Maps.
Now it is the least i could do for the community.

EDIT: i ask you to credit me if using my scenes ( Vadym Minchuk)
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