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Yes, I used mods.


New clans has spawned on my campaig for the empire factions, problem is one of them spawned at a buggy location and he is stuck there. Also they had 191 top tier soliders (191 legionaries, 191 bucelleris etc), another problem is even tho they are op, since the clans are level 0 and their leaders are just level 0 at evey skill, after a day or so they are gonna loose all that troops. I think they need an overhaul.
Here at the images below you can see that i mean, oros is spawned in the middle of nowhere and he is stuck, also both of them are down to 23 soliders.


Community Support
Community Support
This issue has been fixed on the previous versions. Can you try removing your mods, verifying your game files and recreating this issue on a new campaign?


If tw was aware of that, then it's alrigth.I'll let you know it happens in a fresh game
Problem solved for now
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