New bug in 1.7.2 official ? (governor leaving his assignement)

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New Bug in last official version. (Think I had gone back from beta 1.7.2 to 1 due to this btw, and due to essential mods not working, like Diplomacy, for example)
So in this last version, I noticed that companions who are set as Governor in a given town do not stay in the town they were assigned in !!!! They seem to travel in other towns on their own. So for example, I put an imperial companion as governor in an imperial town to have the loyalty bonus, all is fine, I come back and :
- loyalty indicator is in red
- still in the keep is displayed the governor portrait (as if he/she was here)
- if i look in the encyclopedia, that companion is currently in an other town (example : he was governor in Danustica, and encylopedia says "last seen in Seonon today" !!!!!)
- i have to re-assign him/her as governor of this town (and then the loyalty indicator comes back to green) ,but this means that I have to look after him/her all the time to check if he/she hasn't moved in an other town... just boring.

I also have huge freezes during battles in this new version.

Older complaints :smile: :
Reinforcement system unacceptable : useless and undue losses. The ideal would be all the troops at the start, even though I know that for memory/technical matters it's not easy to achieve
Gauges on middle top of screen are not accurate neither, sometimes ennemy seems well weakened (especially when I get outnumbered, I try to reach a point of balance to see if the battle can be won, and to check its progress) but the ennemy's gauge sometimes do not stop refilling ... so this information is not very reliable.
The gauge should show the total number of troops on each side and not the ones present at the moment, which I think is currently the case, giving a real good overview on how the battle goes.

I still do not get trade xp from operating caravans as it is written in the skill description, but I spend much energy to keep them alive provided on how they get ****ed all the time...

Minor clans should have a mean to recruit only their specialized troops with perks matching their skills for the leaders. They should also stop being very poor before midgame :wink: and camp in towns, annoying caravans arriving. At the moment, midgame, I usually have almost finished to exterminate them all, provided their uselessness... I'm using a mod since the execution is highly punished in the game, while raping villages, villagers, and merchants seems very ok :razz:
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