New battle retreat system has issues.

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Sir Frederic

I have experienced in the beta battles won with retreating enemies, both in campaign and siege defense. There is a problem with that, your enemy retreats from the battle, but the battle is not over, the enemy is still bound to continue new battles. In siege, the enemy abandoned the first attack by losing all their siege weapons and lowering their morale, after that we had 2 more battles where the enemy attacked without siege weapons, making the situation worse for them.

I think that for both cases, when the enemy withdraws, the battle must end. In campaign, the two groups split up and in siege the besiegers are back in camp mode, so they can decide to make new siege weapons or abandon the siege.

It would also be good if the defeated armies or enemies have as a top priority to return to a settlement, without stopping at anything, it is very normal to see them go to stop to fight against villagers or a group of looters completely forgetting that they have an army on their heels. In another post I suggested that defeated enemies have a temporary white flag effect, nobody can attack them and neither can they.It becomes more and more normal to have allies and enemies fighting only with recruits, the battles become not offering any challenge

It would be necessary to review the speed with which the battles are auto-resolved, it seems that the groups tend not to consider all the added dangers around them and in a battle they can give extra time for an enemy grouping.
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