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So with the old system, I'd assign all my troops to various groups, and it was set in stone. Unless im missing something, the new system isnt work very well.

An Example as empire: I used to assign my Tier 1-4 infantry to Battle 1 and Tier 1-4 Archers to battle 2. Then I'd assign Tier 5 crossbowmen to lets say 4 and Legionaries to 5.
During small engagements, Id only send Battle groups 1 and 2, since the point was to level them up to tier 5, and keeping the tier 5 troops from combat so I wouldn't lose any to save for sieges. Then in sieges, I could shield wall group 5(legionaries) in front of group 4(xbow Sergeants) and be good. Then send in Group 1(trash inf) after the walls were cleared.

So with the old system, as you level troops to Tier 5, they automatically get put in the top tier groups and stay out of combat, no micro needed. With this new system, You can have a archer group and "prefer shields" for empire, but the % seems to stay so as they level up, they are not moving to the correct group.

Am I missing something or how do i force all my tier 5 units into their own group without having to know the percentage of troops there are automatically?

Lucius Confucius

As far as I have heard, they're currently thinking about implementing a way to have tiered units with the new system. It may arrive in a later patch, it may not.
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