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Netharian_PW_US was founded under a relaxed policy with lenient roleplay rules as we vere away from the admin abuse of other servers. We offer a friendly admin base, which by any means, corruption is not tolerated.

Staff positions are open.
Current Map: Liscannor Bay(Large plains/hills map) Link: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,247230.0.html

This is a Dedicated Server, as in ALWAYS ONLINE under normal circumstances

Come on down and be a start of something new and glorious!

1:No Randoming: RDMing for short, this involves attacking/killing/griefing someone without valid roleplay.

2:No Spawnkilling (killing people inside of their castle/town/camp spawnpoint.) [Applies during wars, to outlaws, and commoners.]

3:No Revenge Killing / NRR: Returning to the scene where you were killed and attacking, griefing, or harassing the player or players who killed you within 5 minutes. Returning to the scene for lost gear/money is totally acceptable.

4:Tax / Robbing: Taxation (Tax is only to be done if you or your faction own the area you're trying to charge for.) or robbery (Outlaws/Commoners) must be Role Played. "give me money or die" is not valid. Max robbery for commoners/outlaws is 2000g and for people in factions: 4000g. Taxation can happen anywhere, at anytime. Must wait 10 minutes before robbing same player. Outlaws are KOS if you are a commoner, otherwise, no.

5:Contracts / Assassinations: You cannot put a contract on someone without a valid Role-Play reason. The player who accepts the contract must announce "Contract Accepted" in global, and the player giving the contract must announce it in admin chat who the contract is for. Announce *poster* Contract on: namehere/facitonhere  3 times.

6:Raiding: If you are going to raid you must declare it 3 times in global chat. A raid ends when the player who announced the raid dies, or the money chest for the defending faction has been looted. Only outlaws can raid! Outlaws MUST assemble in their camps for 5 minutes before they can raid. Raids can only be declared on castles and villages, not on whole faction.

7:Wars: You must have a valid RP(actions performed toward your factions members in roleplay sense.) reason to go to war. Land is not a valid reason unless the faction declaring has no land. Wars end when one of the 2 factions, loses all their land/surrenders. Then peace must be made, and they can declare back for their lost land in 5 minutes. All factions must wait in the castle or keep for 3 minutes before war can begin and have purchased a banner before attacking enemy castle. Commoners and Outlaws must join the waring faction in able to participate. Using name/faction title toggle to locate enemy soldiers is permitted, so do not complain about it.

8:Asking Admins for Items/Gold, unless a refund for something that is legitiment, will not be tolerated and you will be warned/kicked/banned. However, asking for the Administration to aid you in getting unstuck, banking, etc. Is permitted.

9:grin:on't OOC (out of character) insult people on global (T). It will result in a mute/kick/ban, depending on your persistance. (also don't spam chat.)

10:grin:o not purposely sink/damage boats that are not commanded by players. RDM Applies here too.

11:grin:o not purposely drop carts in water/otherwise unreachable places.

12:Metagaming, otherwise known as knowledge you take from OOC and take it IC. Do not do it.

*Rules are subject to change*
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Of course its 0...

Look at the rest of the servers, You did this early in the morning, at midnight or any other time that most of us around here are sleeping


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Varthaer said:
robindelang2 said:
Of course its 0...

Look at the rest of the servers, You did this early in the morning, at midnight or any other time that most of us around here are sleeping

Thankyou Robin, glad to see you have a logical sense, unlike our friend here. I think its a bit obvious that this forum troll is trying a tad too hard. Someone doesn't understand what server stability is :sad:

Its okay though, I like him bumping the thread for me.

Free bump is always welcome  :wink:
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