Negotiate with rebels.

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Currently rebels only exist to get slaughtered and slow down successful kingdoms. How about (assuming a rebellion wasn't spawned from a city they owned) allowing an independent or kingdom owning player to negotiate with rebels to crown the PC king or to join the PC's kingdom? This would provide an alternate option to starting a kingdom than just attacking some random lord and besieging a minor settlement. The player would get a penalty for a culture identical to the one they're rebelling against, and a bonus if they're from the town's "native" culture (canceled out if same). Relationship with notables in the rebelling settlement and bound villages (since the rebels themselves are newly created) would provide a boost/penalty to checks, as would higher clan tiers. Possible dialog options:

None of you are military men: Any competent commander will crush you. With me in charge, you might stand a chance. (Tactics, leadership, calculating)
The (faction) already fear me. Under my protection they'll back off. Without it, even they could destroy you. (Requires player clan and rebels be at war with mutual third party. Success rate based on how much of an advantage the player has in war. War advantage already calculated for peace negotiations tribute)
I am known as an honorable (wo)man. I give my word you will be treated fairly as my subjects (honor, mercy)
If you don't join me, nobody here can stop me from putting this petty settlement to the sack. (Rogery, low mercy)
My subjects can vouch for the competence of my rule. (Requires kingdom. Generosity, high loyalty among player kingdom holdings.)
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