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Needing help with adding new imtes into mod

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Hi there,
I have a problem with adding a new item into the Bannerlord.
I´ve managed to create submodule, add an item into the game with the proper material and textures but the game keeps crashing when I try to equip my character with the new item.

Here is my crash log: https://pastebin.com/C096k6S5

Thanks for any ideas and solutions :wink:


After some hours of testing and trying some workarounds i found out the xml files are ok and the main problem is probubly the mesh itself. It wasn´t rigged and I think this is the cause of the crash. So I rigged it and I run into another major problem: I can´t import the rigged .fbx mesh into the editor.
The editor only imports it as a package, but doesn´t import the mesh itself, so I can´t add any materials etc.

I should mention that I´m working on helmet, so I didn´t know it has to be rigged in Bannerlord (In Warband it doen´t have to).

Can someone please tell me where the problem can be? I am nearly 100% sure the problem is somwhere between exporting the mesh from blender and importing it into the editor.
Does anyone have an idea what the export setting should look like? Can anyone please tell me what options should be checked when exporting fbx into the Bannerlord editor? I´m really starting to feel desperate :sad:



Update 2: After another day of misery and trying of anything I could think of, I´m still stuck in a place :sad: Has anyone any hints or turorials or something please? The problem has to be the meta mesh, but I just don´t know what is set wrong...
I have done literaly everything like in this vid, and it just still keeps chrashing...
I realy feel desperate :sad:
After laoding the game, in the investory there is just a blank field instead of the small image of the helmet and when I try to equip my character with it, the game crashes immidiately. Does anyone know what am I doing wrong?? Is there some import options in the editor or something? Or has there to be some more xml than just items and submodule?

I really hope someone know what to do guys. Thanks.
PS: If anyone is willing to hlep me, I will gladly share my files to find the mistake. It has to be something elementary, but I just can´t see it...


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What item have you created? Weapon, armour, or?
I see you already mentioned it is a helmet. What does it look like in the editor? - if you can still recreate your first scenario

Screenshots of your asset, your xml entry, and anything else would be of use.
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