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I've not played the normal game, I went straight for this mod cause I heard how amazing it was,, I have a few questions though

okay, amazing mod... If I was a rich man I'd pay those guys

I'm having trouble leveling up, I can't find things to kill, I got about 6000 coins, and some okay armor and 2 followers, 1 medic and 1 scout kinda guy, I'm about to have 20 men follow me..

I've been raiding this next door town for cattle and then selling the leather with my merry band, however moral is low, and I keep losing people. No wants me to fight for them so I just kinda look for stuff to trade.

When I set up camp and go to the "grid" where I can see my troops, it looks like I can buy them gear but when I click on it, it does nothing.. I'd really like to outfit my basic troops with some extra gear.

I've been doing side missions for the local towns, but that does not seem to do much, I also bought 1 acre and have no idea what to do with it.
1. Try to hunt low bandit packs, DON'T ever go for Raiders (Scoti, Franks, Dena Pirates) also, there are bandits that are more dangerous than others, for example:
Morths have stones and a knife, they are pathetic
However the Bagaudas have axes and sometimes javelins, they can be really really deadly
You just have to learn your enemies and know whom you should attack and whom not, then you'll be able to beat even larget packs than you. You should also improve your renown so you can handle more than 20 people.
2. From what I get you've been raiding villages and selling cattle...
Well first of all, you should never choose the steal cattle option, you should plunder and raze the village (beware tho, there will be like 60 farmers defending, but they're weak) then you'll both get some nice stuff for trades AND cattle.
About losing morale, go to Reports --> Party Morale reports and you'll see. Probably because lack of rest, you must rest at a town every night to refresh your troops.
3. o_O I'm not even sure what grid because I've never saw it.. will have to investiagte
4. Missions for towns don't really award much, ppl do them usually for relation with town I guess. There's that one mission tho, where you have to hunt a bandit pack, it should award you with 1000 schillingas iirc
Morths are good for the first prey, you can find lots of them NW of Bebbanburgh. Resting is the usual culprit for low morale and if you haven't done if for a long time you may need to rest for a week to get the morale back. If you disable it, it gets locked at the current number. Try to find a priest/cleric, you can pay them for morale.

You can't equip troops, only companions. If grid means troop tree then the box is the pool where they get their gear picked.

The land you've bought will get you money every two weeks you visit there and ask for your rents. Better investment is breweries and wineries.

For an easy start: get money (many easy ways for that), find some companions and heavy mercenaries, kill tons of bandits. Do that for as long as you feel strong enough to start doing what ever you want to do. From bandits you can get all the medium and heavy units you need, also keeps your morale up and brings steady flow of money.
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