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A couple of things I wish were added to the game. Feasts being my big one as these were an excellent feature in warband not just for role-playing but to build relationships with the lords. Dueling is another feature I would love to see. When playing warband I loved to settle my differences with an unfriendly lord via my sword. Also Heraldic armours that bare your clan sigil on would be an excellent addition to the game. Don't get me wrong I love the game and the big features taleworlds have added and improved on but sometimes the small features really polish and add allot to the game. However one large feature that needs updating is the diplomacy system, Alliances, messengers, and kingdoms with no fiefs being destoyed is much needed. If taleworlds looked at the most popular mods and implemented official versions the game will be incredible. At the moment the game feels like a skeleton of the greatest game to ever be. Just needs some polishing, however I am addicted still.
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I'd like to add to this the option to choose the specific spouse for myself and clan members from a list not just from random offers or hunting them down just to hope you succeed your charm checks just to pay a smaller Dowry. This also would help with proper marriages instead of forcing one of my younger kin into a childless marriage. Also please add Heir looms had a wife die in birth just to lose 500k+gear and mount for 0 reason if they died in battle and you lose ok i can understand the lose but if you win it can come back as battered worn broken with a Heirloom suffix attached for their kids or somethin also please add armors to smith and maybe leather work / Tailor
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