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So I decided to make a new mod,and I got to the troop making part.Because I have no expirience in 3D modelling things at all,Im exporting the meshes from the other mods,using openBRF.I did litteraly everything this guy did in this tutorial :
After successfully adding my new item into the and attaching it to troop in,I successfully built the module.But,after launching the game,the item I added is totally blank,no textures,or materials at all.Only mesh is visible.What did I do wrong?


The troop is Swadian Recruit,I just replaced the standard cloth equipment with my own.

Eärendil Ardamírë

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First, that's a classical question like you could ask it in the Q&A thread, no need to make an extra thread for it,6575.0.html

Second: If you import stuff from other mods (for which you should have permission in case you want to publish your mod which I assume since you opened this thread even in the Pioneer's Guild) you have to import not only the meshes but the respective materials and textures into the brf files too, not only the basic texture of the mesh. You can also use OpenBRF for searching for ordering errors or missing files.


And I have imported the respective materials and textures as well.I have wrote them in module.ini "load_module_resource = armor mesh","load_module_resource = armor_ texture", "load_module_resource = armor_texture".I really cant see the issue,and I had hard time finding the solutions on the internet,so I came to ask here.If I ever get so far with the mod development,and If I decide to publish it,I will surely ask all the Teams for permission for using their respective meshes.
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