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Please give me all your tips regarding the scenario below:

I want to start a new game where the ultimate goal is own 1 city to defend against the majority of the AI. Ideally would have some (or all as enemies).
The inspiration for this stems from famous historical sieges, like the siege of Troy.

I know it's not possible with the vanilla game, so I need all your help regarding which mods would best help me with this.
Things I think I will need:
-increased income to pay wages
-ability to recruit garrison

I know here are some mods that increase the # of workshops and/or increase the income from the workshop, so I think that will be helpful.
Is there anything else that can help with me this?



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Just play normally until you're comfy, then circle around the map picking fights with each nation, then siege a town. You should get plenty of money from having to fight off ALL OF THE FACTIONS. Although I can't say that every faction will send an army to siege you, but being in the middle of the map probably encourages more to try then being at the far end.
increased income to pay wages
You're at war, you've go this covered.
ability to recruit garrison
You can force recruit EVERYWHERE if you're at war with everyone.

I think your real problem will be that defending in siege isn't really that good or advantageous, however some people have some tricks, some even solo siege defense.
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