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Hello, i'm sort-of new to Mount and Blade Warband (PS4 Vanilla, just to make clear) but i'm confused with skill-setup

I choose Female Noble(Banner), then Assistant, Peddler, Revenge, Nord at start
My companions are Mathild, Katrin, Desheva, Klethi

Now... My problem is that i want to have enough "Trainer", but at the same time make my 4 companions of "Housecarl" material. At first i decided to try and have my 4 companions and i get lvl.10 Trainer first (With lvl50 trainer in the end) - But ANY archer get the kills faster than my companions, which slows leveling

Viceversa, if i build my companions as Deathriders i would lack alot in "Trainer"

So, where should i start and how much str/agi/int/(cha) should the companions have?

I also convinced myself that Warhorses for companions would add to survivability...

To help along ; I'm arguing wether to give ALL companions
7str~ (Nordic Warlord Helmet + Heraldric Mail with Surcoat + Gauntlets + Splintet Greaves) For a Norse look
12agi (lvl.4 Riding for Warhorses)
15Int (lvl.5 trainer*4 companions= lvl.20)
Crossbow or bow for companions with above setup? And what else to make them "shine"?

...Might also add that my vision is
me as Commander
4 companions with good "Trainer" and great as fighters/cavalry
10 Camp Defenders
15-20 Nord Veteran Archers
30 Housecarls
But as my army grow A LITTLE, bandits run away and my companions can't even kill a sheep. I want to "roam arround" untill me and my companions are at least lv.15 before joining Nords
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