Nearly ALL servers DEAD

Are you having similar problems?

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He isn't joking lmao.


Taleworlds: releases patch
Also taleworlds: goes silence when the patch causes all the servers to crash
ask the guy who turned off the create a game feature or developed the kill switch for MisterOutofTime's mod.


A big oof.

Every time I remember about MisterOutofTime episode a bitter tear rolls down my cheek again; I still can't imagine how far we could have gone with Moot's Master Server. At the time it was the perfect platform to test a full-fledged combat system with a 100% dev-fan synergy (Betalords / Charlini,Silen, Marko, Gibby, OGL, and others we were lucky enough to meet + many who would have joined eventually) back then.

By Piconi

How many missed opportunities Taleworlds... nobody understands it. Here we are >1.7 years after (were or were supposed to be) all pulling together to make Bannerlord a great game; however I don't know who puts the stick in the wheel here after all.
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