Antiquity OSP 3D Art Near East and North Africa, 2112BC & 612

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Hello all,

I'm posting my first OSP here. Materials are all from in-development mods ANCESTORS 2112BC and TFLS 612BC, feel free to use them, the only requeriment will be to credit the author or one of the mods above.

After that some there are some textures without models, a few models without textures and some materials from unknown origin, but those are the less and are only used to subdivide BRF files in several segments. The untidy aspect of the OSP is just because is at the same time, OSP, and backup of my recent works.

There are 3 files, more than 300 brand new models, two from 4k year event (around 22 century BC onward, with few exceptions) and fall of the Assyrian Empire, like 1500 years later. All based on reliable archaeological pieces and in my more reliable experience. Lowpoly items, optimised textures and bla, bla, bla.


(for all the people with different sensibilities, is not my intention damage, only reproduce with accuracy some ancient era stuff)

Download Link

Link to pictures

So feel free to use, credit me (or the mods above) and enjoy!
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