[ND3] - Incomplete Group Stage Duels

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The following duels from the Group Stage have not been completed:

Warmaker v.s. David
Ayberk v.s. Candiru
Dextrus v.s. Agis
Honeydew v.s. Nevino
David v.s. meleeattacker
Dezilagel v.s. Razz
Superlilli v.s. Kula
Firunien v.s. Blueberry_Muffin
Kwal v.s. Cookiedealer
Tor v.s. BlasT
Xtrah v.s. captainfolms
Cataracta v.s. Rodin
Shikamaru v.s. Gluker
Tallie v.s. Dezilagel
Leothis v.s. Kulis
John v.s. TomMyyY
Szymczak1503 v.s. Deafening
Crusader v.s. Loki
Wezyk v.s. Shikamaru
meleeattacker v.s. Warmaker
Ereinion v.s. Ayberk
Barbarian v.s. Clifton
Kwal v.s. Kaltvien
Sev v.s. Wegnas
captainlust v.s. Cooties
Nubijuki v.s. Theotian
Elmira v.s. Leothis
Araf v.s. Machi
senni_ti v.s. John
Sojetsu v.s. Irishman
captainfolms v.s. TROLL
Erminas v.s. TirtiL
Airelhach v.s. Eternal
Lancerlot v.s. Jerkuh
Giant_Rasengan v.s. Warrior
Teblar v.s. Eltharis
Imperial_Eagle v.s. SotaMursu
Rodin v.s. Lt
Lugash v.s. unRivaleD
Agis v.s. Maynd
Hardworker v.s. David
Pendragon v.s. Candiru
Scarecrow v.s. Bryan
Blueberry_Muffin v.s. Midgard
SifoN v.s. Dreaon
Superlilli v.s. Flans_of_Medith

It could be an administrative error on my part (or on the part of Shema or Deacon), if you've already fought you're duel, but it's listed here, let me know.

No extensions are available. These duels must be completed by the end of the play-offs or one side, the other, or both will be given a default loss.

It could be the case that one player attempted to contact the other, but the other one was unresponsive. If this is the case, contact me, and the player who was unresponsive will be given a 0-0 default loss.

Essentially, whatever the case, contact me, either on this thread, via PM or via Steam. If neither party from these duels does so, I'll give both a 0-0 default loss.

You're encouraged to remind anyone you know on this list to play their duels. Anyone who incurs a default loss this week, and incurred one last week will be removed from the tournament.
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I was under the impression that Cooties has gone AWOL. If that's not true, I'll try to contact him and get it done ASAP.


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Szymczak1503 v.s. Peter

I think there is a mistake because Szymczak is not in my group .


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FRA_Peter said:
Szymczak1503 v.s. Peter

I think there is a mistake because Szymczak is not in my group .
Indeed good notice, I see that you've won five duels but I'll leave the fixing for Alex.


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I sent a Pm to Agis booking for today but he didn't reply yet, lets wait.


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i actually offered imperial eagle to have the duel match on the server, but i guess he didn't want to fight because i had 200-300 ping xD


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I added Candiru on steam, but I couldnt find him now. He might have deleted me on steam.

Candiru if you are continuing the tournament, please add me on steam. ID: berat8berat88
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