[ND3] - Incomplete Fourth Phase Duels

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The following duels from the Third Phase have not been completed:

BlasT v.s. Wezyk
Legion_Six v.s. meleeattacker
Giant_Rasengan v.s. Barbarian
MrNomNom v.s. Firunien
Beardface v.s. captainlust
Imperial_Eagle v.s. Nubijuki
AZAN v.s. Elmira
Stier v.s. Araf
Cataracta v.s. Rodin
Shikamaru v.s. Gluker
Warmaker v.s. Hardworker
Ayberk v.s. Pendragon
Tallie v.s. Dezilagel
Footman v.s. Scarecrow
Thorsten v.s. Blueberry_Muffin
Cooties v.s. Superlilli
Leothis v.s. Kulis
Machi v.s. ZloY_OgR
John v.s. TomMyyY
Andrej v.s. unRivaleD
Garym v.s. Zero
Eternal v.s. Candiru
JuRi v.s. Arraknia
Jerkuh v.s. Bryan
Szymczak1503 v.s. Deafening
Eltharis v.s. Dreaon
Kula v.s. Flans_of_Medith
Xanthor v.s. Cleric_Johnson
Froska v.s. profail

Firstly, it could be an administrative error on my part (or on the part of Shema or Deacon), if you've already fought you're duel, but it's listed here, let me know.

Secondly, it could be the case that you were both unable to fully arrange a match, and need a deadline extension. If this is the case, message me.

Thirdly it could be the case that one player attempted to contact the other, but the other one was unresponsive. If this is the case, contact me, and the player who was unresponsive will be given a 0-0 default loss.

Essentially, whatever the case, contact me, either on this thread, via PM or via Steam. If neither party from these duels does so, I'll give both a 0-0 default loss.

You're encouraged to remind anyone you know on this list to play their duels. Anyone who incurs a default loss this week, and incurred one last week will be removed from the tournament.


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I've contacted Eltharis mutiple times but it always didn't seem to be a fitting time for him to fight. Agreed on a date once but he couldn't fight then too. And now he is offline since 2 days.  :neutral:
I'd like to play this duel anyway. So I hope we'll get a deadline extention and he'll show up and fight soon.


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I've sent meleettacker 2 pms over the past few days and got no reply. Ive also been informed he doesnt have steam, but if this isnt the case, could someone let me know? otherwise, im not sure what else i can do to get this organised :/


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Tried to contact Stier via the Duel Communication thread. No answers. PM'd a guy named _Stier_ recently (dunno if he's the right Stier).


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Hey Alex,

You can give a auto-win to lust, i'm really not motivated to duel or practice dueling at the moment so i hereby resign from the tournament. (Kudo's for organising it as well as you are, i won't pile you up with more work because i simply don't feel like dueling/am too slow :razz:)


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Newbiejunky said:
Nubijuki 9 - 0 Imperial_Eagle
Confirmed, but please use the Duel Results thread since I can't guarantee I'll find every result scattered around.


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The following incomplete matches have resulted in a 0-0 default win for one party (highlighted in green):

Legion_Six - meleeattacker
Giant_Rasengan - Barbarian
Ayberk - Pendragon

The following incomplete matches have resulted in a 0-0 default loss for both parties:

BlasT - Wezyk
MrNomNom - Firunien
Warmaker - Hardworker
Footman - Scarecrow
Thorsten - Blueberry_Muffin
Cooties - Superlilli
Leothis - Kulis
Andrej - unRivaleD
Garym - Zero
Eternal - Candiru
Jerkuh - Bryan
Kula - Flans_of_Medith

Decisions confirmed, but still can be appealed, just contact me.
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