[NC2018] Week 4 Pick Night 23rd Oct. 20:45BST

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Pick night will begin Tuesday (23rd October) at 20:45 GMT. You are eligible to pick any team below you in the order who has not yet been picked. Each team is allotted two minutes to make their pick - failure to do so will result in you facing a random opponent this week.

Before making your pick, make sure you read the following rules:
[anchor=tag5]§ 2.2 LADDER STAGE[/anchor]

Picking order is prioritised as follows:
  • Teams with zero points that were in the NC the previous week.
  • Teams yet to pick with the lowest number of points
  • Should teams have an equal number of points, then the team with the highest Bucholz score is given priority, following this round difference is used, then rounds won, and rounds lost in that order to determine the priority between teams with equal Bucholz score.

1. Teams may not pick a team they played against in the previous 2 weeks or a team more than one level above them, unless there is no other alternative.
2. If a team misses their pick or makes an invalid pick, their pick is randomised from any of the next 3 teams in the picking order that lost their latest match. Failing that, the pick is taken from the next team in the picking order that lost their last match. Failing that, the pick is randomised from any of the next 3 teams in the picking order.
3. If a team only has two teams to choose from and one of the teams sat out the previous week, they must pick that team.
4. If the league has an odd number of teams, the team that has first pick will be awarded a default win.
5. If two teams fail to play their match within the deadline, for the purposes of the next pick night they will be treated as if they had won their match and lost all rounds.
Teams should use the following template when making their pick:

[b]Which team are you from?:[/b]
[b]Which team are you picking?:[/b]

The picking order is as follows (the teams at the top pick first and those at the bottom pick last):

United Kingdom III
Belgium & Netherlands
North America
Austria & Switzerland
Turkey II
Czech Republic
United Kingdom I
United Kingdom II
Turkey I


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Which team are you from?: BeNe
Which team are you picking?: Czech Republic
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