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MaHuD said:
So what's up about Blacktide's NC? The only thing I see mentioned is that he would be welcome as an admin. Does that mean Blacktide officially pulled out of hosting it himself ?
I've been waiting for a response from BlackTide for five days now. He told me that he had been busy for a few days, last night, after I poked him on Facebook and would respond today, so I'm just waiting for that. I don't think pouring out the details here would be in anyone's interest or really necessary, and I don't have permission from him to do so anyway.

In terms of him hosting, I think I can say that he hasn't requested to be lead admin and also told me that he's quite happy not to have to do it, in fact.

Lots of posts about alliances and player rights. This is an issue every year. Of course, there are likely to be very specific cases and what's important is that they are open to review. The admins are willing to listen to any requests but we do have a set of rules in place as well.

(2) Players are expected to play for their home nation, within the following constraints. If a team fields a player that is not eligible to play for them they will face sanctions up to and including forfeiting any rounds in which that player participated.

[list type=decimal]
[*]Players new to the tournament may choose their nation.
[*]Players who have participated before must play for the same nation as previously.
[*]Players who have participated for more than one team previously must play for the last nation they represented.
[*]If the team for whom the a player previously participated has not entered the Nations Cup that player may request an alliance.

The rule clearly includes references to previous nations cups. In the interests of consistency, that is how they have been written.

Honestly I don't see the need to allow players to change nationality year on year. Real sports certainly don't allow it and while esports are different, I think people prefer to see that consistency. If I played for Team Turkey (lived and worked here for three years, speak the language), it would feel wrong to me. Aside from the fact that I wouldn't actually get into the team anyway, I am known as a previous player for the UK team and people would expect to see me there.

Having a ruleset that depends on previous years is the way to produce that result. Perhaps something allowing people to change, who haven't participated in the last 3 (for example) nations cups could be a good idea. My feeling, though, is that it isn't worth consideration unless a specific case like that arises.

The ping difference is an interesting point.

When I ran the Nations Cup 2011, we had a situation arise in the USA vs Ukraine game where a Ukrainian player, revealed to be studying abroad in America, showed up at the match. I didn't allow that player to play because there had been no mention of this in the ping testing conducted prior to the match. My feeling is that it was the right call (although it infuriated the Russian speaking community and seemed to do nothing to pacify the Americans... sign of a good compromise?) - players playing in different countries from the one they represent are fine but if they're going to be used, it has to be known beforehand because it might affect the choice of server used. It's nothing that can't be dealt with though.

Thanks everyone for all the input and to Alene for reminding people of their sanity! I've read everything posted here and of course it'll be factored in to our decisions.
The Caius/Kellerman issue was born out of the fact, that somehow the change of nation to play for was unnoticed/not dealt with in 2014 (according to my information).

However as we, the 2015 Admin Team, wanted to keep on having the rule of having to stick to the first country/nation played for, we let them decide for which of those two nations they want to play for in the future.

Issues like these arise because we have changing administrations with different approaches and different opinions to certain situations and rules. This is also a reason the rules of the NC itself have changed so drastically over the course of the last tournaments.

@Fietta, your mostly wrong, please stop quoting Wikipedia on everything. If you want to have a discussion about anything, then please have it with me on Steam. There is no need for this stuff in a thread as important as this one as it only clutters it with - for the topic - unnecessary information and makes admin life even harder.
Our case was mainly a language issue back in 2013. In 2014 we asked the admins to play with BeNe since the language issue had been alsmot solved.
We have player for 2 years in BeNe now and we don't want to change nation anymore since we can communicate without any problem. We'll stick to BeNe and there isn't any reason or legitimacy for us to join France.
Also the case of Sil playing for france, then for greece and then for france again :lol:

It's not unique, but it seems to be a case of some admins not caring, and others caring. Previous year mistakes don't really matter anymore though.
Just so you guys know, FRA team is under construction. We'll most likely post a roster as soon as possible, we were just doing some trainings to figure out who should get in the team and Paulo surely likes to take his time  :grin:
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