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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed Warbanders. With the conclusion of another successful clan tournament, WNL 5, our admin team, would like to take this opportunity to proudly announce the 7th edition of the tournament that will see Warband National Teams clashing against each other: The Nations Cup 2016!

This is always very special time of year for Warband Community. Time of year when magic of the NC can be felt in the air and when the battle hardened veterans of the game are sharpening their skills for what is to come. It is time of year when all Warbanders are uniting under the banners of their respective Nations in hope that this time The Nations Cup will be theirs!

This autumn has seen something that has never happened in the Warband Scene and that was the unification of the rule set that is being used in two biggest competitive scenes; The European and North American.
With this in mind we made the rule set (which is still WIP) that should satisfy everyone and will give us (admin team) opportunity to run the best tournament this game has ever seen.
The tournament will be similar to the previous Nations Cups in that it will be a knockout tournament with group stages to determine which teams participate in the knockout phase.

Talking about previous NCs, we would like to say huge thank you to all previous NC admins and members of community that have been helping them with various contributions such as logos and bannerpacks.

Also we are proud to say that Chat Noir is currently making the NC16 logo. We are really looking forward to seeing another masterpiece from this very talented member of TW community.

In addition to all this we would like to stress out that administration team is not finalized as we expect to have some other experienced admin(s) joining soon. The rule-set is also still subject to minor changes.

Now, with all of that done lets talk about sign ups and when we plan to start the tournament.

UPDATED: Sign ups for Captains are open immediately (post in this thread) and will close at midnight (GMT) on Friday 15th January, which is also the deadline for posting a minimum roster. And as of now we are looking at the weekend of Monday 18th January 2016 as the starting date for the NC16.

Those who wish to be the captain of their nation's team may apply in Captaincy Applications Topic that will be made. Any disputes over captaincy should be settled internally, or if this is not possible a captain will be chosen by me. Captains do not need to be the best player, the team's leader or such, their role is essentially administrative: picking the team; organizing the team; arranging matches and handling disputes. This requires an active, sensible and ideally, well connected member.

Once a captain has made a successful application, they may start a recruitment and information thread for their nation in the appropriate sub-forum, where people may apply to join the team. It is up to each nation how they recruit and whilst admins can be used to settle disputes it would be preferable if each nation was able to deal with problems internally.


Lead Admin









Behaviour Rules
§ 1 Maturity and Respect
§ 2 Cheating

Tournament Rules
§ 3 Tournament Format
§ 4 Scheduling
§ 5 Maps & Factions

Roster Rules
§ 6 Team Regulations
§ 7 Captaincy
§ 8 Team Rosters
§ 9 Player Names and ID's
§ 10 Multiteaming

Match Rules
§ 11 Match Server
§ 12 Referees
§ 13 Spectators
§ 14 Gathering Players
§ 15 Match Format
§ 16 Substitutions
§ 17 Tie Breaker

[anchor=tagBehaviour]BEHAVIOUR  RULES[/anchor]

[anchor=tag1]§ 1 Maturity and Respect[/anchor]

(1) Players should respect both the letter and the spirit of the rules. The responsibility for ensuring that this happens lies not with one individual - it involves captains, players and referees. It is through discipline, control and mutual respect that the spirit of the game flourishes and these are the qualities which forge the fellowship and sense of fair play essential to the game's ongoing success and survival.
(2) In order to maintain a serious and professional environment participants must be respectful and polite on the Nations Cup subboard, servers and streams. Every participant of the Nations Cup is advised to refrain from using language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libellous, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or objectionable. If someone shows a poor attitude and displays rudeness or immaturity he or she will be punished by the tournament administration. The range of punishments reaches from a warning to a ban from of the tournament for players, depending on the weight of the incident, or respectively removal of streamer accreditation.
(3) Any team that uses, incites or benefits from disruption to the matches, practice sessions or organisation of other teams will face disciplinary action at the admins discretion, up to and including disqualification from the tournament.

[anchor=tag2]§ 2 Cheating[/anchor]

(1) It is strictly prohibited to gain an advantage by modifying texture files or using game modifications such as aimbots or autoblock. Every player that is found to have modified texture files or using game modifications will be banned from the tournament.
(2) Exceptions from §2 I are listed in Appendix A. Requests for additional exceptions can be made towards the tournament administration in a provided thread.
(3) When requested by the match referee players must take a screenshot of their game view while holding any kind of ranged weapon or, if they have no ranged weapon, their melee weapon, spear or lance. Players should ensure the screenshot contains the referee message, the scoreboard and buildings or players. Concerned players must post their screenshot within 30 minutes of the match ending on the forums or send it to a tournament admin or the match referee. Failing to comply with any part of this rule will result in a one match ban for that player.
(4) If a player is found to have broken any of the rules during a match and the admins determine that a significant advantage was gained, that player’s team will forfeit the relevant rounds.

[anchor=tagTournament]TOURNAMENT  RULES[/anchor]

[anchor=tag3]§ 3 Tournament Format[/anchor]

(1) The Nations Cup consists of a group stage followed by a single elimination bracket. The winner of the final will be titled "Nations Cup Champions".
(2) The groups will be determined during a Draw Night. Teams competing will be put into different pots (four or five, depending on the number of sign ups), depending on their seeding. A team from each put will fill a group, meaning that teams in the same pot will not fight each other until the single elimination bracket. The selection will be done using a random number generator. The order of proceedings will begin with the put with the lowest seeded teams and work its way up to the pot with the highest seeded teams.
(3) The group phase will consists of a round robin in which each team plays each other team once. For every group phase match teams will be awarded with 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
(4) At the completion of the group phase, teams in each group will be ranked one through five based on their cumulative points, and identified respectively as winner, runner-up, third, fourth and fifth. Winner and runner-up advance to the quarter finals of the single elimination bracket, third, fourth and fifth are eliminated from the tournament.
(5) If at the completion of the group stage two or more teams are level on points, then the following criteria shall be used in the following order until one of the teams can be determined as the higher ranked.

[list type=decimal]
[*]The winner of the group stage match between the two tied teams shall be the higher ranked.
[*]The team which has the best difference between rounds won and rounds lost.
[*]The team which has won most rounds.
[*]The team which has lost least rounds.
[*]Should the tie still be unresolved after these steps the teams must play again to determine the outcome of the group. In case of a tie after the regular match time, tie breaker rules as per § 17 apply.

(6) The quarter finals of the single elimination bracket shall be determined as follows. The teams winning their quarter final matches will advance to the semi finals, the teams losing their quarter final match are eliminated from the tournament.

  • Quarter Final 1: Winner Group A vs. Runner-Up Group D
  • Quarter Final 2: Winner Group B vs. Runner-Up Group C
  • Quarter Final 3: Winner Group C vs. Runner-Up Group B
  • Quarter Final 4: Winner Group D vs. Runner-Up Group A

(7) The semi finals of the single elimination bracket shall be determined as follows. The teams winning their semi final match will advance to the finals, the teams losing their semi final match will advance to the bronze match.

  • Semi Final 1: Winner Quarter Final 1 vs. Winner Quarter Final 2
  • Semi Final 2: Winner Quarter Final 3 vs. Winner Quarter Final 4

[anchor=tag4]§ 4 Scheduling[/anchor]

(1) Teams have until Thursday, 19:00 GMT, to notify the tournament administration about the date and time of their match in the provided scheduling thread for that respective week. If a team is not able to contact their opponent before the deadline, they must post a short message explaining the situation. Should the opponent fail to make their presence known by the deadline, then teams will be able to select a date of their choice from within the deadline.
(2) Teams are not allowed to agree a date that falls after the deadline for their official match unless allowed by the tournament administration.

[anchor=tag5]§ 5 Maps & Factions[/anchor]

(1) During the group stage maps and factions are determined in advance for each week using a random number generator. Each fixture includes one closed and one open map.
(2) For each knockout match maps will be picked by the teams themselves during a pick night held on Tuesday. Factions will be determined in advance by the tournament administration using a random number generator.
(3) The list of the maps and factions used are listed in Appendix B.

[anchor=tagRoster]ROSTER  RULES[/anchor]

[anchor=tag6]§ 6 Team Regulations[/anchor]

(1) Teams must consist of players from one nation. However, alliances may be permitted following an appeal to the admins. Permitted alliances are listed in Appendix C.
(2) Players are expected to play for their home nation, within the following constraints. If a team fields a player that is not eligible to play for them they will face sanctions up to and including forfeiting any rounds in which that player participated.

[list type=decimal]
[*]Players new to the tournament may choose their nation.
[*]Players who have participated before must play for the same nation as previously.
[*]Players who have participated for more than one team previously must play for the last nation they represented.
[*]If the team for whom the a player previously participated has not entered the Nations Cup that player may request an alliance.

[anchor=tag7]§ 7 Captaincy[/anchor]

(1) The tournament administration will leave the selection of the team captain to the respective national communities. Is a community not able to pick their captain or resolve an issue regarding captaincy by themselves, they may request help or a decision over captaincy by the tournament administration.
(2) Captains are responsible for picking and organising their national teams, arranging matches and handling disputes concerning their team.

[anchor=tag8]§ 8 Team Rosters[/anchor]

(1) Every team has to provide the tournament administration with a roster consisting of eight or more players and their respective ingame IDs at least 24 hours before their first pick night. Teams that fail to do so are not eligible to enter the pick night and will be recorded with a default loss. 
(2) If a team fails to provide the tournament administration with the roster the at least 24 hours before the second pick night as well, they will be removed from the tournament.
(3) Should a player not be on a roster and play for a team, that player, if eligible to play for that team, will be treated as a member of that team and will be added to their roster.
(4) Any player who has not yet played in a Nations Cup match may join their home nation as per §6 II at any time and be added to their roster by the team captain, with confirmation from the player.

[anchor=tag9]§ 9 Player Names and ID's[/anchor]

(1) Each team member may be listed by one name only in the team roster.
(2) Players must play with the name they are signed up under in the team roster. If a player plays with a different name for the first time, he or she will be warned. For the second time he or she will be suspended for one match.
(3) Players must wear the team tag during official matches. If a player plays with a different tag for without one for the first time, he or she will be warned. For the second time he or she will be suspended for one match.
(4) Any game ID listed to a player in a team roster must be unique to that player. Players using a game ID that has been used by any other player at any point are not eligible to play.

[anchor=tag10]§ 10 Multiteaming[/anchor]

(1) It is strictly prohibited for a player to play for more than one team during the tournament. If a player is found to have played for more than one team at any point he or she will be banned for the rest of the tournament.
(2) The second team to field the player will be deducted 3 points during group stage and disqualified during knockout stage. If a team is found to have violated the rule a second time that team will be suspended for the rest of the tournament.

[anchor=tagMatch]MATCH  RULES[/anchor]

[anchor=tag11]§ 11 Match Server[/anchor]

(1) All matches must be played on dedicated Nations Cup servers. It is not allowed to play an official tournament match on another server, unless a tournament administrator agreed beforehand. Teams that play on a server other than a Nations Cup server without permission will be deducted 3 points in the group stage or automatically scheduled to replay 24 hours after the match start in the knockout stage on a dedicated Nations Cup server, however this consequence will be remitted to 1 point per team or no replay if, within 24 hours of the match start, they provide the tournament administration with the complete server logs of the match day.
(2) Both teams have to agree to play on a particular server. If the teams cannot agree on a particular server, they have to ask a referee or tournament administrator for a decision. The standard match server location for matches between North American and European teams is France.
(3) Whilst booking a server is not mandatory, teams that booked a particular server have priority to play on this server even if other teams are already playing there or want to play there. The team that did not book the server has to leave the server if the other team forces them to do so. Teams that refuse to leave the server even though another team with higher priority wants to play on this server will be deducted three points.
(4) The following server settings have to be used during official matches: Combat Speed: Medium, Friendly Fire: %100, Round Time: 210 seconds, Game Type: Battle, Respawn time: 8 seconds, Gold: All set to %100, Camera: team member’s view, forced MoF spawn at 2 minutes.

[anchor=tag12]§ 12 Referees[/anchor]

Referees are available on request but are not mandatory. Requests for a referee can be made towards the Administrator for Referees by either team's captain or a potential streamer.

[anchor=tag13]§ 13 Spectators[/anchor]

(1) Spectators from both teams are allowed by default. However, if one team requests to have no spectators their request must be granted and all spectators have to leave the server. Should a player refuse to leave the server, documented by footage for example, he or she will be suspended for one official match.
(2) External spectators, so players that do not belong to either team, have to ask for permission from both captains to spectate the match. Should an external spectator join with the tag of either team trying to appear as one of their players, he will be suspended for one official match given he is playing in the tournament.
(3) Spectating the match by joining a team after the spawn period is not allowed at any given point. Is a player found spectating by joining a team, documented by footage for example, he will be suspended for one match.
(4) Tournament administrators do not need to get permission to spectate a game.
(5) Referees and streamers do not need to get permission to spectate a game, but they have to notify the relevant teams before joining.
(6) Only streamers who have been accredited by the tournament admins are allowed to stream tournament matches. Accredited streamers will be listed in Appendix D.

[anchor=tag14]§ 14 Gathering Players[/anchor]

(1) Both teams have 15 minutes to gather their players on the agreed server. If a team fails to turn up with at least five players 15 minutes after the agreed match start, the other team has to contact an admin immediately and will be awarded a default win. A team that fails to turn up with at least 5 players for the first time will be given a warning, the second time they will be  suspended from the tournament.
(2) Teams are not obligated to wait more than 5 minutes between maps and sets. Teams are allowed to enforce a restart after these periods of waiting.

[anchor=tag15]§ 15 Match Format[/anchor]

(1) Each match consists of 2 sets played on each of 2 maps, thus 4 sets in total. After the first set on each map the teams will swap spawns and factions. Each set will be won by the team that is the first to win 3 rounds. Each match will be won by the team with the most number of rounds at the end of 4 sets.
(2) The team shown on the left side of the fixtures starts on the first spawn on the first map, and on the second spawn on the second map. This may be changed if both teams agree, either through specific agreement or implied action.
(3) In the event of home/away, the advised system to use is a 4-4-4-4 system. This would mean that Team A plays four rounds on an away server on the second spawn, then plays four rounds on a home server on the first spawn. If both teams agree, they may play the sets in a different order.
(4) Each team may field up to 8 players. Teams with less than 8 players may play on or forfeit the match. The other team is under no obligation to match the other team's numbers. A team is not allowed to go under 5 players at any given point. If a team goes under 5 players they have to forfeit the match, and the remaining rounds will be added in favour of their opponent to the final score.
(5) In the case of a default, rounds played are recorded as played, unplayed rounds are recorded as the defaulter losing all remaining rounds.
(6) Each team captain is responsible for ensuring that a screenshot is made of each set result. Captains must be able to produce such screenshots should they be requested to do so by a tournament admin. In the case of a dispute the team that cannot produce a screenshot will forfeit disputed rounds.

[anchor=tag16]§ 16 Substitutions[/anchor]

(1) Substitutions are only allowed between each set without restrictions. If a team substitutes a player during a set, documented by screenshots or streams for example, for the first time, the relevant rounds count as lost, for the second time the relevant rounds count as lost and they will be deducted three points, and for the third time they will be suspended from the tournament.
(2) If a player crashes on game, substitutions can be made after the round has ended though this is limited to one substitution per round. A player counts as crashed once he drops out of the server. If a player crashed on game and the team substitutes him in the same round or two players crashed on game and the teams substitutes both of them in the same round, documented by screenshots or streams for example, for the first time, the relevant rounds will count as lost, for the second time the relevant rounds will count as lost and they will be deducted three points, and for the third time they will be suspended from the tournament.

[anchor=tag17]§ 17 Tie Breaker[/anchor]

Due to the nature of the tournament, every match after the group phase may not end in a draw. Should a knockout match end in a tie after regular time, the teams must play a tie breaker as follows.

  • The tiebreaker has to be played on Winterburg Each team choose their faction from the factions listed in Appendix B. The tiebreaker is a first to three, meaning the first team that wins three rounds wins the tiebreaker and thus the match. The standard match size for tiebreakers is 8v8 unless both teams agree to play with more or less players.
  • In case of home/away the map will be played for 3 rounds on the NA server and 3 rounds on the EU server. The winner will be determined by total rounds won. Should this still be a draw, teams will play another 3 rounds with the same setup on each server. Should this still be a draw, teams may reschedule if both captain agree, however the match must be completed before a deadline set by the tournament administration.

  • Crosshair Pack
  • Bannerpacks


Map List
  • To be decided
Faction List
  • Nords
  • Rhodoks
  • Sarranid
  • Swadia
  • Veagirs

  • To be decided

  • To be decided


French Toast
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Well hopefully this time you probably won't be taking back servers, which is a good new.

Best of luck with that, looks like we we'll have a solid team of admins here, should provide a good NC once again.


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Lust you should change the thread name :grin: to NC2016 :grin: #HYPE


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_Osiris_ said:
So i guess blacktide isn't doing this NC?
BlackTide was born for this NC, it's also probably the last Warband NC so lets make this the best one, this years was epic.


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has been said since 2013
as long as they can't release proper blogs and trailers why would you expect a release anytime soon


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Wub Wub Wub Wub Bwaaah said:
It's really sad to see BlackTide not there, this guy really wanted to host the NC.. :neutral:
Yeah I see we're carrying on the tradition of dumping the last guy that hosted NC and choosing a new one. Glad that the community was asked about this before this was posted~


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What's up with BlackTide not being an admin after last year's amazingly run NC? Did he turn down the offer or?


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While I can't speak for blacktide and don't know the entire situation here, I know blacktide has been exceedingly busy of late and that will likely continue for some time. Not a huge surprise if he can't do this I guess.

Looking forward to watching some matches!  :smile:


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BlackTide doesn't have time to be an admin. He probably has time to play. No need to worry about him 'not playing' considering he actually wanted to make a clan.


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I was very disappointed to see this thread, I was hoping to collaborate with this admin team and the last I heard from Deacon regarding a merger was "let's talk tomorrow".

Quite frankly, it's just rude.

I won't be playing in this NC.