[NC2013] Week 1 Fixtures - Deadline 24/02

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Ottomansneverdie said:
Jabbe said:
Maybe I should start using some bugged invisible walls, hmm...
Yes,and nobody can prove it,don't worry  :grin: Bat dis is for pr0 playerz,u is nob
Is it only you or it's Turkish humor is so lame? huh?


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Guys, stop spaming already. And keep calm, I don't want to see myself handing out mutes because you are unable to keep up a good manner.


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F13x said:
Well, I have never used this "bug". I just played with a very low graphics, so when I entered the game and screenshoted it, part of the texture is gone.  Sometimes the texture disappear for 5-10 seconds, cuz I have so old pc and low graphics. This is no reason to judge the Ukraine, we all played fair, cuz this is the essence of the tournament, is not it? On the other hand, if I did use "hacks" I would not put out any screenshots at all ;/
This is addressed in the Rules and Regulations topic:


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I hope that Bannerlord will solve this problem with better security systems. Hacking in Warband is a real problem and I believe that many players use bush and wall hacks. I don't say that Fl3x is using hacks for sure.


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Increased cav sound hack. =)

Jabbe: Bush hack I'm guessing is quite common as well since you'd exclusively gain from it without losing much clarity. Not sure about wallhax since that would be annoying to play with IMO, also you get pretty far with 3rd person view already looking around corners without being visible. Also, it's quite easy to e.g. couch lance around corners by guessing, which might seem like wallhax to the victim.

Didn't consider the screenshots in thread earlier very conclusive. Loading might mess things up; for example, my high end PC infrequently slips up and doesn't load large sections of the ground and occasionally other models until several minutes later. In that case though, it's just a disadvantage because I just end up colliding with stuff I cannot see, so I pretty much always reconnect in that case.
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