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NC 2015 Team SweDen (Sweden+Denmark)

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There are no elks in the propaganda. This is a major failure! Almost as bad as the missing donkeys in the Spanish propaganda until I told Gala they were missing.
except they are in the köttbullar?  :???:
Liwi said:
except they are in the köttbullar?  :???:
No, that is horsemeat like everything else.

Also, from proud örebroare:


Pojkar, flickor och eventuella vatten-fordon, det är match på söndag mot Tyskland! 20:00!
Match vs GER on Sunday 20:00, be there warmed up and stuff! :wink:
Hallå min bröder,

Jag har nagrå surströmming, Vill du äta den? tack

sverige är en bra land
you better tell me my swedish was decent, you better do so! This guy called "Google translator", I don't trust him, so I won't ask him for correction of my poor swedish skills.
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