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NC 2012 - U.S.A.

Everybody gets one. We let France win because:

  • We're really nice guys

    Votes: 6 10.7%
  • We wanted them to feel better about themselves

    Votes: 8 14.3%
  • We felt sorry for them being French

    Votes: 42 75.0%

  • Total voters

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Nations Cup 2012
United States of America

Mission Statement: This is America. We win ****.
Check this post for updates regularly!​

If you aren't American or on the American team and you are here, you probably want to make a mess of our thread (not allowed) or contact us for scheduling our match (good idea). Scheduling PMs should be sent to me assuming I don't contact you first. I know the teams aren't all from English-speaking countries, but please try to be legible. It probably won't be an issue. :wink: You can also contact me on Steam (see below) for a quick response. I can respond to Steam messages anywhere with my phone.

Best of luck to us, and preemptive GG's to all of our opponents!

Represented Clans
Black Shields
League of Extraordinary Swordsmen
Balion Mercenaries
Kingdom of Avalon
West Knights


First String
  • Mad Dawg - Co-captain (Secondary Contact & Caller)
  • Rhade - Co-captain (Caller)
  • Akmar
  • King John
  • Tyrian
  • Vanidar
  • Harn
  • Peasant
Second String
  • Marnid - Co-captain (Primary Scheduling Contact) 
  • Ron Burgundy
  • Blak
  • Calamity
  • Scott Ray
  • Lord Hasek
  • Mr.X
  • Zero

Sub Priority List
  • Commissar
  • ManOfWar
  • ClockWise
  • Braveheart

The above roster has been put forth by the three team captains and consists of players that are committed to playing in this year's Nations Cup. It is considered final. The rules allow for 6 substitutions, of which we have used none so far. Priority substitutes and applicants may be chosen as needed.

We are not going to pick and choose players based on clan affiliation. This is an American team, and it will have American players. It is not a <insert clan name here> team.

Check this post for updates regularly!

All applications must be posted in this thread. Get 'er done.

Application Form
Forum name:
In-game name (most common aliases):
Preferred class:
Secondary  class:
Competitive experience (if any):
Alternate contact info (Steam preferred):


Hello guys.

I liked our match last year and i ve done my best headshot ever on village.
I remember my "special" training on US server (and no EU server) during 2 weeks ^^'
I wish you good luck :smile:


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The player list from the captains should be finished sometime today or tomorrow. We already have a handful of confirmations (6 or 7).

John7 said:
Reporting for HS duty cap'N

Including this one. :razz:


Just checking in to say Eh, and ask wha's going aboot.
Contact info for our dudes is in our team thread OP.

I look forward to fighting you 'Merican boys, and I can say the same about many of our players.  :wink:
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