Nazi Recruiting?

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Grandmaster Knight
November 5th, MSNBCs' Keith Olbermann was suspended "Indefinately" from MSNBC for donating a few thousand dollars to some democrats.

This is against the rules, supposedly.

On November 7th, it appears that MSNBC realized that the only show anyone watches on their channel was gone and decided to lift the ban. He will be back tomorrow.

***** ass media, I blame Jews.

Swadius 2.0

Grandmaster Knight
When I read that piece of news, it seems to me that it was always just a suspension, they weren't firing him. Where did you get that part from?


Grandmaster Knight
I mistyped, it was a indefinite suspension, the only reason he was reinstated was pressure from a, surprisingly, internet petition of 250,000 people.


I would wager that maybe only 10% of 250,000 were legitimate people, if even that much, and pending if that's even true.

He was fired on Friday, and by the end of the weekend he had a 250,000 figure petition? Definitely bull****.

I dont even think that many people have been watching his show as of late. And honestly I wouldnt be suprised if it were a stunt by MSNBC to boost ratings. They have to be getting desparate at this point.



Grandmaster Knight
"Keith Olbermann had the #1 rated show on MSNBC with an 0.8 rating, with 877,000 total viewers, and 334,000 viewers in the 25 to 54 demo."
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