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Forum thread for the he OSP author ChaganArslan (couldn't find an associated forum account).

Ok in this topic i would like to recive feedback of my maps
i am and will be making maps with little to none buildings, as i will try to create diverse terrain that will offer fun battles rather than village raid maps

so give here your opinions etc.

things common for all maps(hopefully):
- neither side is at advantage
- no roof camping possible
- no hills poping everywhere, almost flat terrain in most cases
- main fighting ground reachable for both teams at the same time

Comment out of which I think it can be regarded as LSP for mods to use:
nice scenes

I like specially river delta, tilting and quarry, I want add it for single player battles in campaing if you let.
of course, use them how you please ;]

Scenes list
  • Bazaar: Archers "you cant handle the truth", access to the roofs is blocked. Ninjas favorite?
  • Mirage v2: Run fast to the oasis, and fight for you right to clean water! Just dont drop dead into it as this will piss off everybody, or **** them you can drop dead where you like
  • River Delta v2: Out of all places both guys thought the best place to make battle is river delta, no seriously. So you have river and lots of bushes that you cant see **** in, just great.
  • Tilting at windmills: Both armies are marching on a road, seems like the road is too small for both armies. The fight occurs.. crazy..
  • Quarry: Two filthy rich snobs, one quarry, two castle builds orders!
  • Dune: In the middle of Sahara two armies fight for the remains of the caravan, what are they doing in the middle of Sahara is unclear
  • Khan Proveground - tournament arena:
    - Jousting arena (railing place by numbers rather than manually on eye)
    - Cavalry arena (bull fighting style)
    - Melee arena (active ladders to allow access for participants and )
    - Horse archery race track (made for race between 2 horse archers with 30 targets on track)
    - Ranged Arena (a paintball like arena, team win by either killing all enemies, or reaching the opposite side blue/red box)
  • Battle of the Mounds: Crom! Grand me revenge! And if not than go to the choppa!
  • Taj Apskaft: This city is know for a temple of Monkey Stick. Both armies fight for the right to pillage. Blasphemers!
  • Pathfinder Island: Two groups land on this deserted island to secure the grog barrels. As the old Sumerian poverb says.. "You got to fight, for your right, to party".
  • Hun in the sun: This villge is into human sacrifice to the god of sky Tengri. Many dangers lie here, but at least its not the bees!
  • Makadesh: Gates of Makadesh cannot be taken, fight on the amphibious bridge, try not to drown in the process! (Attention: The scene might contain scene props from the cRPG mod so it might not work in other mods.)

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