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Some of the hp stuff can be found in module_mission_templates.py. I've commented it out and will test it this afternoon. Hopefully, that should do the trick.


Bismarck said:
Some of the hp stuff can be found in module_mission_templates.py. I've commented it out and will test it this afternoon. Hopefully, that should do the trick.

Thank you Bismark! I've actually tried my hand at correcting this issue as we speak and i'm about to start testing. I took out a few lines in the module_scripts.py relating to leadership and HP values (although you probably have the REAL coding i'm looking for which is where you said it was).

Well, 10 minutes after I wrote and left this post here without submitting it, I have successfully corrected the massive HP issue. For those who want a quick fix now, you can open up module_scripts.py and delete this entry in there -

      (store_script_param, ":troop_no", 1),
      (store_character_level, ":troop_level", ":troop_no"),
      (store_mul, ":backup_hp_factor", ":troop_level", 4),
      (assign, reg0, ":backup_hp_factor"),
      (store_script_param, ":agent_no", 1),
      (agent_get_party_id, ":party_no", ":agent_no"),
        (le, ":party_no", -1),
        (assign, ":backup_hp_factor", 0),
        (party_stack_get_troop_id, ":leader", ":party_no", 0),
        (troop_is_hero, ":leader"),
        (store_skill_level, ":leadership_level", "skl_leadership", ":leader"),
        (store_mul, ":backup_hp_factor", ":leadership_level", 6),
          (eq, ":party_no", "p_main_party"),
          (agent_get_troop_id, ":troop_no", ":agent_no"),
          (call_script, "script_game_get_morale_of_troops_from_faction", ":troop_no"),
          (assign, ":troop_morale", reg0),
          (val_clamp, ":troop_morale", 0, 100),
          (val_mul, ":backup_hp_factor", ":troop_morale"),
          (val_div, ":backup_hp_factor", 99),
        (assign, ":backup_hp_factor", 0),
      (assign, reg0, ":backup_hp_factor"),
You can find this entry by using the Find function in your document viewer/editor and copy pasting a line from this entry in there. Just make sure it matches up.

Then recompile the mod. I got errors during compilation and so I just copied whatever file it did not create over from my non edited OSPW mod. Units died as they should with a well placed shot between the eyes. Tested by fighting Vaegir lords and 2 bandit lords on both original OSPW and the edited OSPW. I have no knowledge of python coding so this is only a temporary fix for people wishing to further test this mod for Bismark.

Thanks again Bismark! I appreciate you addressing our problem so soon.


Hey Bismark, I was reading and just analyzing module_scripts.py when I came across the values script_game_get_party_speed_multiplier. I compared it to native and noticed native only draws upon one instance of this whereas the OSPW calls upon two different ones, one from diplomacy and one from Custom Commander. Just thought i'd share this with you since they both seem to be calling on the same code with different values.


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Folkzweise said:
the option heroes only let enemy lords wear a banner at their back so you can identify and kill them quickly.
also that's the option i choose and i have no problems so far beside the massive amount of HP for increased leadership.

Oh, I just assumed it was any tf_hero troop. Cheers then, I don't know why it was crashing.


SCLurker,can you upload the fixed file as I dont know how to fix that.
for bismark:
1.Remove the double Meet Elder/Meet Guild Master option.I suggest removing the one that loads the city because it takes more time to load.
2.Fix the HP thing.
3.Make the bandit parties smaller,or make them spawn slower.
4.Add wage pay time to reports
5.Can you add the option to recruit captured lords?When they are in jail you try to persuate them to join your kingdom.


1. Already done.
2. I've erased the hp triggers from module_mission_templates. HP seems to be normal now, but at the start of the battle, the bars are at 50%. Everything feels normal, though.
3. You mean the normal bandit parties and not the combined ones led by a hero?
4. I've added the scripts, but it doesn't show up ingame although it should.
5. Where can I find the code for that?


I don't play with HP bars so that is fine by me.In big battles bars get annoying.
Maybe it would be better to slow down bandit spawning instead of sizing them down.I had to fight 600 desert bandits.Its a little too much.
For lord recruiting, I dont know.I suggested that in Diplomacy sub-forum but no answer on it.I thought maybe you know how to do it,if not ok.


After playing a bit more, I think i've came to the conclusion that enemies don't move at the start of the battle and just bunch up if they are of the cavalry type. I've fought some infantry only battles and it seems that they work the way they should whereas horsemen just sit around waiting to get shot. This can be a real problem with allies if they have alot of cavalry units and you are joined together in battle.

Also as a side note, is anyone else receiving more damage than usual?


yes infantry sometimes charges,but more often not.I had a few battles with deserters that consist of few types.So one type will charge the others will still stay in place.Also it happens that they charge but after 3 seconds they all start running somewhere making them easy kills.


Just put both folders that you get in this download to your Module folder and then opet the module_info.py:
#export_dir = "E:/Mount&Blade Warband/Modules/Diplomacy/"
export_dir = "D:/Igrice/Mount&Blade Warband/Modules/OSPW - Native/" - this is the only line you need to change, this is example where my module is placed,you need to rename it to where your game is.
#export_dir = "C:/Program Files/Mount&Blade/Modules/Native/"

bismark: could you please release the update or tell me what to do to remove the HP thing? i really want to continue playing.


i cannot stand the life bars, they annoy me like ****! what can i do to get rid of them? is there any way to install some parts of the mod and not the custom commander part?


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I got a CTD when talking to the Sargoth's guild master for the first time.
I just started. Imported an old character, fought a belligerent drunk, recruited some heroes (I chose the companions option) and declined the mission from the starting merchant. Then I talked to the Guild Master and the crash happened.

EDIT: Nevermind. I wasn't able to replicate it. It seems it was just one of those "random Warband crashes" that sometimes happen.

Great mod BTW. It contains all the mods I was interested in and was too lazy to merge myself.


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Heavy sergeants (2handed weapons and heavy armor)
Sergeants (1handed + shield, good armour)

Hi Bismarck, in my opion:

Heavy Sergeant -> Storm Sergeant ( 2 handed weapon and medium to good armor, vanguard and break throught enemy line)
Sergeants -> Armoured Sergeant ( 1 handed weapons + shield and heavy armour, iron wall for your defense line)
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