Native Improved - First mod (warband mod)


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Native Improved mainly changes scripts of the game, altar some units, and is fun ^^.
Its a mod I made for myself buy Ive decided to upload it because I thought its nice. 

Features are:

Improved amount of arrows\bolts\throwing weapons to 250.
Arena rewards improved.
Tournament rewards better to fit to prices of high end equipment(250, 500, 1000, 2000, 10000), you wont be happy to lose the tournament if you bet ^^.
Renown gained from tournament increased to 30.
Changed cattle behavior to follow you so you dont need to be running behind it.
Troops will now eat every 12 hours instead of 14.
Tavern keepers will now buy prisoners from you.
Every point of prisoner management will now count as 20 prisoners instead of 5 (although i dont really understand why you need this skill, I think people can hold prisoners without a special skill ^^)
Sell value of prisoners increased from 50 to 100 each.
Chance to get ransom offer is now 25% instead of just 5% (which is annoying).
Lords are captured more easily, chance of a lord escaping is now only 30% (default was 80)
Chance of lords escaping from you town while is prisoner decreased to 25%.
Lords will now have only a 5% chance to escape from a town\castle and only 2% if prison tower is built.
Bandits now respawn every 24 hours instead of 36.
Larger bandit party sizes and amount of parties, for more fun and troop training :smile:.
Sea raiders are no longer sea raiders, they are viking invaders especially huge parties of 50 - 200 men led by a very powerful (I hope) captain.
Base party size is now 20 and for each leadership point you gain 10 instead of 5 men, amount of renown to get more troops decreased to 15.
No morale lost from heroes in party.
Each point of leadership increase morale by 15 instead of 10.
New dialog option to no let heroes leave party.
Village Eldar will offer another quest even if you turn the first down.
An option to meet the Village Eldar from the menu.
Improvements are now built 500% faster.
Always recruit at least 1 man from village, and more recruits available now.
Added a whole new dark knights troop tree which starts from watchman (didnt know how to make them recruitable), didnt test them dunno if balanced.

Morgh's M&B Warband TXT Tools v0.915b
TweakMB by kefka95
Unofficial Troop Editor 1.9 by HokieBT
TheMageLord's Tweaks and Tricks

I think thats all if you find any bugs feel free to post them, or if you want to try working on this mod to expand it contact me.

Download link


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maybe so but i hate to carry with me only 30 arrows realistic or not they run out very quickly,
but anyway the troops also get lots of arrows this way

BTW any idea on how to add a new faction?


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I don't actually know, but I hazard a guess it's mentioned somewhere in the forge. Just browse around a bit there. :smile:


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thanks for guide but does it mean that I have to use python cause I dont understand it at all ^^
dont have the nerve to sit and learn it XD
anyway ill try that, thanks again ^^