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Native competitive maps tier list discussion

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Here is mine:


Castellum and Verloren are by far my favorite maps.

I love castellum cuz it has very balanced flag positions imo while having some very defensible areas (fort and tables) that aren't flag areas so it means they can be bypassed.

I love Verloren cuz I believe it's the only map with some verticality element making its design unique.

Hate ruins, walking simulator, ruins are annoying, you can cap the flag before the enemy teams shows up if you are lucky.
Hate winterburg cuz it doesn't have any depth or tactical elements, just a massive brawl to end close matches.
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buıʇʇǝs uoıʇɔǝɹıp ʞɔɐʇʇɐ

Naval outpost has always suffered from boat advantage from bottom spawn, there's obvious ways of countering it, but it's far more difficult than the other flag spawns.

FBTR as an open map isn't terrible, but playing as infantry on that map couldn't be any less fun :<

Dreicksdorf should've never been in any map pool, same with frosty battle (although playing that in Wonwokie was good fun).

You're missing Port Assault by the way, another D/C tier map
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