MP Musket Era [Native Compatible] Bnet Armor Mod

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This mod adds numerous armors to multiplayer which were previously not available,when you spawn with one of the new Armor/Weapons the other players which don't have the mod will be able to see the Armor you're wearing,without downloading this mod.It is completely compatible with the native module in multiplayer.

  • Adds 87 new armor & weapon options spread across the 5 mp factions in WFaS
  • More too come!

Version: v1.0.0b Updated: 2015/02/19 Initial Release.
Download: Click Me (right click on the folder,select download)

How to install:
    1.  Download the mod
    2.  Browse to your WFaS module folder;
steam example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade With Fire and Sword\Modules
non-steam example: C:\Program Files (x86)Mount & Blade With Fire and Sword\Modules
    3.  Make a copy of your Ogniem i Mieczem module via copy and pasting it in the same directory(Module/)
    4.  Now go to the downloaded mods file,open it.
    5.  Select all of the files in the folder (use left-ctrl + a) and copy them.
    6.  Now browse back to your Ogniem i Mieczem folder and open it.
    7.  Now Paste the files you copied from the mods folder into the Ogniem i Mieczem folder and allow your OS to overwrite all of the files in there.
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    8.  Launch WFaS and join any of westres servers with the mod enabled to enjoy the full benefits of the mod.

This mod can only be used on selected westre servers where it is enabled,no other servers are allowed to use it unless they have express written permission from the mod author.

How to remove the mod
1.Right click on WFaS in your steam library on properties
3.Browse to the Local files tab
4.Click on "verify integrity of game cache"
1.Browse to your WFaS module folder
2.Copy all of the files in the Ogniem i Mieczem - Copy folder
3.Go back and click on the Ogniem i Mieczem (the one which is modified)
4.Paste all of the files into the folder and overwrite the old .txt files

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