MP Native Native Compatible Armor replacement pack for Multiplayer (Now with NeoGK)

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Hello. As the title suggests, this is an armour replacement pack for Warband multiplayer. Most horses, a few weapons, and almost all armours have been replaced, though there are still some existing from Native. Also I have used some meshes from Native in different places. This mod only affects how items look, stats are unchanged. This will still work with Single Player but since I chose to use some Native meshes in different places there will be duplicates in SP with different stats. This mod is compatible with NeoGK but you will have to merge the module.ini files manually, and you will see some duplicate meshes.

To install, make a backup of your Native module folder, then copy the contents of the .rar file into your Native folder. You'll have to rename the module.ini file, either the NeoGKmodule.ini if you're using NeoGK or nativemodule.ini if you aren't. Just rename the applicable file to module.ini and you're set!

-Since they are used very seldom in MP, the Khergits have not been updated as extensively as the other factions. However since they share some equipment with the Vaegirs they are not left wholly unchanged.

-If you play multiplayer in Dx9 you can get much better looking horse tails by making a simple change: download OpenBRF then open the "horses_b" .brf file, then swap the "[horse name].1" entries with the "temp_[horse name].1" entries. It will be much faster if you select all of the temp_ entries then group rename, allowing you to remove the prefix. Then just do the opposite for the original tails. The reason you have to do this is because using the temp_ tails in Dx7 causes a texture glitch, and since this is for multiplayer I figured more people would have their specs down at Dx7 for the FPS.

-some armours are from a later historical period than Native

-There shouldn't be much of a noticeable performance hit

-Item names have been left unchanged to make it more obvious which armour has been replaced

-This mod is aimed towards improving the look of armours first and foremost, as such some armours are not perfectly representative of their stats
-I was slightly limited in my creativity by the shared armours in Multiplayer, namely the Leather Armor of Swadia/Rhodok and Leather Jerkin of Nord/Vaegir. Both of these items have been left the same.
None of these items were made by me. All items were gathered from a large variety of OSP packs.

Crusaders Way to Expiation team (All Sarranid armours, Leather Gloves, All horses, Khergit Bow, All Sarranid boots)
Narf (New Swadian Armours, New Vaegir Armours, Hide Boots, Ankle Boots, Bascinet, Kettle Hat, Great Helmet)
Al Mansur (Flattop Helmet, Guard Helmet)
bb (Ashwood Pike)
Havoc (all bows except Khergit)
bogmir (javelins)
Random Peasant (Full Helm, Great Lance (by CounterPoint?), Padded Coif, Skull Cap, Norman Helmet)
fredelios (Nord Armours except Banded Armour, Rhodok Padded Armour, Vaegir Shirt, Ragged Armor)
Sonyer (Vaegir Leather Vest)
SacredStoneHead (Nord Banded Armour)
thick1988 (assorted helmets/Rhodok surcoat)
fish&chip (heraldic Mail and Plate)
Sauron mate & Narf (black armour)
If I forgot to credit somebody please let me know!














Did a small fix of a couple things:

-added feminized armours for default Nord and Vaegir shirts
-changed top of sarranid Skirmisher Armor from mail to cloth
-fixed khergit bow case texture


I get asked every second of every day which texture pack I use for M&B Warband

it's this 1


Just uploading an updated version of the pack now. This time with NeoGK overhaul as well.  :smile: Still a couple things I haven't replaced yet but the pack is fairly complete at this point.

Some changes to the Native pack:
-New mail mittens
-New Steel Greaves
-Feminized armours!
-Different mesh for top tier Rhodok armour
-Removed the shoulderpads from Sarranid Leather Armour

Installation is the same, just use the appropriate module.ini (two are included, Nativemodule.ini and NeoGKmodule.ini) and be sure to overwrite the tableau_meshes.txt. Even if you don't have NeoGK installed, you will see the updated models on other people if you play on servers running NeoGK module (or any mod that adds those armours from singleplayer.)

Enjoy!  :party:
So I downloaded this, the foliage mod, edited the blood, took the sounds from Vikingr  and filled my game with as many variable animations as I could find. Feels like a whole new game now.  :grin:


GodlikeRaya said:
Link dont work, any alternative?
I think you need to be signed up to download from Nexus. Pretty annoying.  :neutral: Here is the link on moddb instead:


Im really confused. What steps do I take for the installation and module.ini ? I do have NeoGK, and I just dragged and dropped all the files from the texture pack into my native folder, and when I go on M&B Native Multiplayer no servers come up because it says they arent running on the same module.
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