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Lav's Native Bow Retexture Pack.
Download the 7z archive (315 Kb file size).

A side product of my experiments with UV-mapping and re-texturing during Native Expansion development.

All vanilla bows have been remapped, improving visual quality somewhat and making further re-texturing much easier.

Vaegir War Bow:

Sarranid Strong Bow:

Pack includes 4 variants of all Native bows (light wood, red wood, brown wood and dark gray wood), with level-1 LODs included. For Native items that don't have level-1 LODs level-2 LODs have been used instead. I didn't bother with deeper LOD levels as vanilla bows are pretty low-poly already.

Published as part of OSP project, feel free to use or improve upon.
Well, these bows were originally made for Native Expansion, where there are lots of other shiny items. I didn't try loading these bows in vanilla Native, but in NE setting they look fine for me.

Of course, I'm no artist and my perception is probably a bit biased. :smile:
No joking, one of the best OSPs here.
I've seen quite a few bow recolors whose authors simply took the whole texture (where bow's part is like 5%) and only changed the bow part. The rest is just wasted space.
It's great to see this little optimization project.
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