Nations Cup 2011: Substitutions - Next Substitution Day: 15/05/2011

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dzioOb said:
Team: Poland
Player in: Mania
Player out: Sraka
Next sub day is on the 8th so , this substitution dosent count until that day.
Team Germany
Player in: Forgesen
Player out Lothian

Player in: Firunien
Player out Predator

Player in: Windrunner
Player out: Razer

that's five, out of five now, isn't it?
Team: France
Player in: RDB_Asgeir EDT Ereinion
Player out: RDB_Tharken RDB_Brian
Team: Ukraine
Player in: none
Player out: Falcon, Sorokopud, Max

Pls. update our roster as metioned above players were and are not active due to personal reasons.
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