Nathanos Quest line??

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So, I'm running into an issue where Nathanos is at the Bar and has a yellow exclamation point above his head I can not interact with the quest line part, however I can interact with the basic text talk he's part of my party now btw. . But now every time i go into a city or town i have a blue exclamation point to go to the bar at city's or into towns when I go to a town? its annoying as heck... how do I resolve this? or continue with the quest???
It's just not complete. Or it is complete and they forgot to turn it off. There's nothing to do about it. Grab him to your party and off you go.
Thanks I figured it wasn't complete, they should just disable the whole quest line.
They'll prolly add more in a patch or two. Everything about finding them felt too quick. If you only found nathanos it would be one thing, but i'd like to actually have to work to get the others back.
same and for rare or unique companions i wish you could do quests to obtain them.

The older brother family rescue is a good quest but he is way overpowered. Why is he not the clan leader with all those skills and level?? Seriously though I wish the brother came with a clean slate or was spawned to be the same level as the player when the player finished the quest with all attributes unspent that way it would be more balanced.
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