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Another tournament down the pipeline. Firstly to begin with the conclusion.

Congratulations to the winners HOOD FAV, having a good run in this tournament, leading all the way up to the grand finals and to your well deserved win.

Commiserations to 2nd place winners Crusty Rust Buckets, another well performing team, however falling short at the end.

Both teams played well throughout the tournament, well done lads! Before we start saying "see you in bannerlord", I would like to give some recognition to those who've put their time into seeing this tournament through.

First off thank you to our generous server sponsors Golden Kingdom for providing the bulk of the servers, and thank you to Wappaw for providing their own servers as well. This tournament as well as many others before this wouldn't be possible without your help. Thank you once again for your kind donations that keep this scene alive!

Next thank you to my fellow amazing administrators Marnid, Aporta, Kelquethas and Theotian, you guys have certainly dedicated a lot to seeing this tournament run smoothly putting in great amounts of work and help!

Finally last but not least thank you to the captains and players that played in this tournament, without you guys this wouldn't be possible! We had some amazing matches and players from all around the globe that played competitively in this tournament. I know for some people the tournament settings and rules were not their preference, but the last few tournaments in North America were dying before it even started, so we thought as an admin team that some changes could help increase the activity, which result in old timers to return and we saw some new faces.

So what next? Another NA tournament? Bannerlord? I don't know, but I do know that NA had a long history of tournaments and this just adds to it hopefully we will be seeing each other in the not so distance future! Thank you guys!

Apologies to anyone, I may have missed out.

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Was fun playing in this tournament :!: Fastest was a fun challenge to tackle and im glad we did this!
unac vibes!
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