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MP Musket Era Napoleonic Wars; The Collection #Will be back soon

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Multiple  requests :wink:.

Unit name: K3 Kronprinsens Husarregemente
Faction: Prussia (originally Sweden, but wish to replace Prussian Hussars)
Reference image: http://hem.passagen.se/mrwalker/Eng/uniform/A2kronprreg.JPG
Additional details(Optional) : Nothing

Unit name: Svea Artilleriregemente
Faction: Prussia (originally Sweden, but wish to replace Prussian artillery)
Reference image: http://hem.passagen.se/mrwalker/Eng/uniform/17sveafaltart.JPG
Additional details(Optional) : Nothing


Unit name: Saintonge Regiment
Faction: France (I would like it to replace Napoleon if possible because i dont play as him, but if not, then replace the Voltiguers please)
Reference link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saintonge_Regiment
Additional details(Optional): I would like them to use the Old Guard's musket if possible and be generally awesome. Good Luck mate!  :grin:
Extra Info because: This regiment mostly served in France's colonies and then fought in America during the Siege of Yorktown. It returned to France in 1783 following the French Revolution and would temporarily attempt to put down the revolution but it would eventually fight with the revolutionaries, not against them. It would later become the 82e.

Thanks again mate! (this pic is here as another reference in case the other link isn't good enough, but I believe it should be


Once again thank you for all the hard work with the Swiss skins and everyone in the 38e Swiss appropriates what your doing. Really cant wait for the next update and new skins coming up too.
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