Napoleonic Wars: Regiment Guideline/FAQ

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Napoleonic Wars: Regiment Guideline

Regimental FAQ
  • Q. There is another Regiment with the same name/tags as my own, What do i do?
    A. Inform Either myself or Hancock (deofuta for NA) we will deal with the matter, although it boils down to who has evidence of the earliest existence, that regiment will have rights to the brand and the other will be subject to sanctions if the brand does not differ.
  • Q. Another Regiment is consistently harassing my members, calling us Trolls and Noobs etc, What do i do?
    A. Try to deal with the matter maturely and talk to the leaders of the other regiment, if that fails contact either myself, Rudovich or Hancock.
  • Q. How do i get a channel in the FSE Teamspeak?
    A. Find an admin on the Teamspeak (S icon next to name) Forward them to your regimental thread on Taleworlds, they will then proceed to make you a channel.
  • Q. How do I find other regiments to organise a battle with?
    A. Join the Regimental Leaders steam group and ask another leader, or just be social and ask them anywhere. (steam group link:,231807.0.html

A Regiment is to Napoleonic Wars, what a clan is to most games - a grouping of individuals into a single organisation, purposes of playing battles and events together. Most regiments like to style themselves with period detail, such as regimental nicknames, numbers and ranks, but this is not obligatory. Regiments are mutually exclusive and one cannot be member of two or more at the same time. Some regiments may decide to group themselves into a single group, this is called an ‘Army’ and is a voluntary group which may choose to style itself in the same way that a regiment does.

A player wishing to join a regiment should keep a few simple rules in mind. To join a regiment, you must ask and be given permission by the members of that regiment. You may NOT simply add the regimental and rank tags without permission, this is considered impersonation and is not permitted on game servers.

A player in a regiment is free to enter and exit at their will, but it is considered common courtesy for regiments not to recruit individuals who are presently members of a different regiment. Doing so, whilst not technically a violation of rules, is considered VERY poor form and can have serious repercussions.

Similarly, joining and leaving a regiment is something that a player should not do lightly. Regiments, though enjoyable in battles and events, require a commitment of time for training and preparation - joining a succession of different regiments may reflect poorly on you.

How to make one TL;DR
Decide on a Regimental Identity- Name/Number, Faction, History ( Try to make it unique)
Register the regiment on the FSE Forums with details of the Regiment
Build up a user base of members (Structure can be either military or social)
If needed register a channel on FSE Teamspeak 3 server
Make it organised ( either by Website and, or Steam Group)

How to join one TL;DR
Contact the Regiment in question
Either apply in person or via a website
Regiments have their own rules and regulations that you must abide by

Regimental etiquette TL;DR
It is common courtesy to maintain positive relationships with other Regiments
Recruitment should be done in a professional manner
Regiments are not exclusively excluded from any set of server rules
Inter-Regimental problems should be resolved by the groups in question or a member of the administrative team

Useful Links:
Regiment List:,259202.0.html,254447.0.html,222730.0.html


The FSE Administration Team
You organize linebattles with other regiments. Contact the leader of the other regiment to arrange a linebattle on a especific date and time and place (server)
once a guy offered one of my guys rank in his reg so he left. the leader of the other reg says when i contact him "but you didnt offer him anything to stay"

I dunno where this message goes But the 6e otherwise known as the 6RIL ingame lead by Bravow Whiskey 55 have been stealing members none stop from a few regiments and bribing them to join them.
Hey what's the FSE TS address and how do I get admin when I register a server?

Colonel Marsh
19th Regiment of Foot
Regimental Headquarters
Executive Officer (Current IC)

That is the ts address, ask an admin (someone with an "s" badge on the right side of their name) to create you a channel, which they will then do, and give you channel admin.
Thanks, will I be able to make sub channels and passworded channels? And what does FSE stand for?

Colonel Marsh
Regimental Headquarters
Executive Officer (acting IC)
19th Regiment of Foot
FSE is Flying Squirrels Entertainment.

You will be given channel admin, I believe that will give you the power to password the channel and create temp channels. Not 100% sure though.
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